Top 5 Under The Radar Caribbean Joints in Mississauga


Published March 18, 2016 at 3:03 pm


Mississauga has some of the best Caribbean restaurants in the GTA, but it takes some time to try each and every one out there.  While some are well-known and easy to find, you have to dig a little deeper to find the less conspicuous hidden gems. Once you do find those smaller and more obscure places, you’ll be glad you did—and you’ll keep going back.

Here are the top 5 under the radar Caribbean joints in Mississauga: 

5 – Potluck Caribbean

Located in the newer plaza on the northwest corner of Derry and McLaughlin is Potluck Caribbean restaurant. I’ve been here a few times and while the food is spot on, the service is always lacking and the servers never smile. Luckily we don’t go for the service. Like most good Caribbean places, this resto is popular for lunch and after work takeout. Potluck has all the popular Caribbean dishes and their offerings are extremely flavourful, including the oxtail. This is a takeout or a sit down restaurant.

5 – Calabash

There’s a plaza located at QEW and Erin Mills Parkway that houses some great food gems. There are Mexican, Vietnamese and Afghani restos in the plaza, but today we were visiting a Caribbean cuisine joint called Calabash. This place has everything from fried snapper to oxtail on rice, but the first thing on the menu is roti. This place has a nice atmosphere and the food is brought out to your table, which is a nice. The roti was delicious, but it could have been a little bigger based on the competition.

3 – Freddy’s Kitchen 

Located just south of 5 and 10 along Hurontario St. is a Caribbean gem called Freddy’s Kitchen. The address is 2515 Hurontario St., but the actual store front faces King St. They have some of the best Caribbean dishes around, including oxtail and their incredibly flavourful jerk chicken. Freddy’s Kitchen boasts Jamaican cuisine that honours the melting pot of various cultures that have influenced the island over the years. They also have seafood, such as red snapper and lobster prepared in a variety of ways. This place is takeout only.

2 – The Original Jerk

Located in west Mississauga in a huge plaza by Ridgeway and Collegeway is a place that has been around for 20 years called The Original Jerk. You would never travel to this area unless you live around there or you’re looking for a short cut to Costco. This place is a real Jamaican-style restaurant with enough Obama posters to show you how much he’s aged over eight years. The food is absolutely delicious and the spices on the meat, especially the chicken curry roti, are incredible. They even have a beef patty on a coco bun for the ultimate snack fix (pictured below).

1 – Radica’s Hot & Spicy

Located in a plaza behind a plaza by Winston Churchill and Dundas is the newest place on this list: Radica’s Hot and Spicy. The brand new resto has only been open for a year. As far as Caribbean restaurants go, this place is super modern and very clean and the food is top notch. They boast some of the best Caribbean food in Mississauga, hands down. You’ll find everything here, including daily specials, roti, jerk chicken and doubles. We tried them all and they were seasoned to perfection. The rotis also boast a perfect chicken to potato ratio, which is crucial.


  1. Radica’s Hot & Spicy
  2. The Original Jerk
  3. Freddy’s Kitchen
  4. Bara’s Caribbean Cuisine (CLOSED)
  5. Potluck Restaurant
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