Top 5 Under Radar Thai Restaurants in Mississauga


There a lots of Thai restaurants in the city, but there a few that fly under the radar, that are just as deserving of the crowds. Thai food is often coupled with other Asian cuisines, but these restaurants do not skimp on the quality even though they are sharing space with countries near by. Here are the Top 5 under the radar Thai restaurants in Mississauga.

5 - Pho Tao Loi

Located in the Dixie Park Centre, Pho Tao Loi is a Vietnamese - Thai spot that serves up some delicious Thai cuisine. This unassuming spot is located on the bottom floor of the shopping centre, and depending on time of day there can be a bit of a line up. Their Thai menu includes all the classics, like Pad Thai, General Tao and Soups. They do not accept credit or debit; so make sure to have some cash on hand.

4 - Thai Rice

Offering take-out and catering, Thai Rice offers some of the city's best Thai food. The restaurant is located in to a strip mall, and has very minimal seating. Their no frills atmosphere is almost unnoticed due to their friendly service and flavourful cuisine.

3 - Chang & Huang

Serving Hakka and Thai, their Thai menu is actually quite extensive. The restaurant is popular among the locals of the area and includes some Thai classics. They offer basil chicken, shrimp, General Tao, Pad Thai, and more. They service is quick, and the staff is always friendly.

2 - Thai Cuisine Experts

Maybe not as under the radar, as other Thai restaurants on this list, after all they were featured in the Toronto Star a few years back, it may not be everyone's go-to Thai restaurant, but it should be. The restaurant serves up a great menu, and the service is super fast. Everything is made fresh, and to order. They have two locations in Mississauga, so they won't be too hard to find.

1 - Gold Star

By far some of the best Thai food in the city, Gold Star may be coming into people's radars as of late, which is probably due in part to their availability on the UberEats app. The restaurant serves up some seriously authentic Pad Thai, and their service is impeccable. There menu also includes a selection of bubble teas.

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Top 5 Under Radar Thai Restaurants in Mississauga

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