Top 5 TV Shows Filmed in Brampton

Published January 19, 2018 at 3:11 am

Brampton might not be Hollywood North, but a surprising number of major TV shows have been shot here — including a Netflix original!

Brampton might not be Hollywood North, but a surprising number of major TV shows have been shot here — including a Netflix original!

Here are five TV shows that have been shot in Brampton in no particular order, as well as a few older shows that were shot here once upon a time.

5) Orphan Black (2015)

Orphan Black is a very popular show starring Tatiana Maslany that was partially filmed in Brampton, which airs on Space Channel. Orphan Black is all about clones — it’s a sci-fi thriller — where Maslany plays several identical people who are clones. The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a woman who assumes the identity of one of her fellow clones, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing Childs’ suicide. The show has ended, but it did indeed film some scenes in Brampton. Where in Brampton was it filmed? Well, parts of episodes 307 and 310 were shot at David Suzuki Secondary School and Mount Pleasant Village including Mount Pleasant Community Centre and Square and street facing business on Sidford Road.

4) Man Seeking Woman (2015) 
This entertaining comedy series shot four episodes — 201, 207, 209, and 210 — right here in Brampton! The Jay Baruchel-starrer used Gore Meadows Community Centre (fitness area and boardroom) and a private residence on Creditview Road. Baruchel plays 20something Josh Greenberg who’s trying to find love and finds himself in several strange circumstances along the way. Disclaimer: the flying pig poster below was not filmed in Brampton (that we know of…).

3) Killjoys (2015)
This TV show airs on Space Channel – it’s a space adventure series about intergalactic bounty hunters on the brink of multiplanetary war! But they’re sworn not to take sides. Pretty cool concept if you’re into sci-fi. Brampton shows up in episode 204. More specifically, City Hall Council Chambers, Conservatory, North Entrance and West Tower. Killjoys stars Brampton-raised Aaron Ashmore, Hannah John-Kamen and Luke MacFarlane.

2) Heroes Reborn (2015) 
Heroes Reborn takes place quite a long time after the original Heroes series and it didn’t air for very long, boasting one season with 13 episodes. It’s about people with special powers trying to save the world. Episode 112 of this popular miniseries that aired on Global and NBC starring Zach Levi, Danika Yarosh and Judith Shekoni was actually shot at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School.

1) Alias Grace (2017)
Alias Grace is an award-winning novel-turned-TV-miniseries and CBC and Netflix original that first aired from September to October 2017, starring Sarah Gadon, Edward Holcroft, Anna Paquin, and Kerr Logan. This historical drama is based on Margaret Atwood’s popular novel, and it’s about historical figure Grace Marks who was imprisoned in the 1840s for her part in the murder of her wealthy employer and his mistress and housekeeper. You’ll find PAMA in the background of parts of the series.

Some other TV shows that were filmed in Brampton

Dino Dana – Episode 501
Gangland Undercover – Episodes 205-207
Dark Matter – Episodes 209 & 213
Hemlock Grove – Episodes 302, 308, 309 & 310 (Series Finale)
Defiance – Episodes 308 & 309
The Expanse – Episode 107
Sensitive Skin – Episodes 201-20
Odd Squad – Episodes 201, 202 & 207
Garde-Manger – Documentary TV Series
The Bikers – Documentary TV Series
Banquet Boss
Beauty and the Beast
Now You Know
Odd Squad
Single Ladies
Storage Wars Canada
The People’s Couch
Covert Affairs
Come Dine with Me Canada
Holmes Makes it Right
Money Moron
Storage Wars Canada
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