Top 5 Trendy Dishes in Brampton

Published April 20, 2018 at 8:54 pm

So you want to be a hipster in the Brampton food scene? We’ve got you covered. 

Wanting to be ‘trendy’ doesn’t necessarily have to result in groan-inducing eyerolls from your friends and fam, especially when it comes to eating out in Brampton. There are plenty of very on-trend restos and cafes which keep pace with the latest and (perhaps questionably greatest) stylistic modifications and culinary experiments.

Whether you love or loathe all things hipster, some of these items are hits, and some are still making their way to our neck of the woods.

Here are the top 5 trendy foods we’ve seen in Brampton.

5) Onyxx

In a hidden spot in a plaza at Maritime Ontario Blvd. on Airport, Onyxx is one of the best sports bars in Brampton. What Onyxx might lack in quantity of menu items, they make up for in quality and atmosphere. Several TVs hang around this bar, so it’s a great spot to catch a game, whether you’re seated at their expansive bar, in a cozy lounge area (the booths here can fit groups of ten or more), or at a simple table. Onyxx also has fun events like a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights, and Karaoke Sundays! Let’s talk trendy food – Onyxx boasts southern- and Caribbean-inspired dishes like Louisiana-style okra, an eight-ounce Jamaican mama burger, a vegan burger bursting with jackfruit, and some classic jerk chicken with rice and peas, jerk sauce, and even some cool slaw. The hipster food here is definitely the jackfruit burger! Putting fruits in burgers is unique, it’s delicious, and it’s finally here in Brampton. This vegan burger is topped with jackfruit (which is basically the “patty”), onion, coleslaw BBQ sauce, arugula, avocado, and salsa. It’s tangy and spicy with a touch of sweetness, and you’ll be glad to have gotten your veggies in such a tasty way, you hipster.

4) Bean & Pearl

Bean & Pearl not only trumps the bubble tea scene in Brampton, it also scores top marks in its selection of desserts, and it’s an incredibly Instagram-worthy spot to be in, from the giant plant by the door, to the crafty and colourful bubble teas, to the “Don’t Spill My Vibe” piece on the far wall. This family-run bubble tea joint at Sandalwood and Creditview goes all out with their bubble tea, which is trendy enough as is. You can get classics like jasmine green tea, honeydew, hokkaido, taro, and mango, or try their featured flavours like cookies and cream, cheesecake, or red bean, and you can choose how sweet you want your drink and how cold you want it. You can even choose from a bunch of toppings, including tapioca, cheese milk foam, and panna cotta. But one of the trendiest items on their menu is the matcha cheesecake, which just melts in your mouth. Thankfully, matcha treats have made their trendy way to Brampton! The matcha flavour really stands out here, piled creamily on top of a chewy chocolate base and topped with cookies and cream and a sliver of chocolate. Paired with the incredibly unique strawberry coconut bubble tea, it’s a dessert that’ll keep you coming back…and Instagramming.

3) Trish Juice

Ah, Trish Juice – the healthiest juice bar in Brampton, one of the best places to go if you want to be trendy, and, admittedly, one of my favourite places in Brampton. Located on Queen St. in downtown Brampton, Trish Juice serves fresh juice, milkshakes, bubble tea, smoothies, wraps, and much, much more. From the tables to the smoothies, everything here is clean and fresh. And while you can Instagram your wheatgrass shot, there is something else that’s incredibly trendy on the menu here…it’s avocado toast, aka. the thing that’s rendering you incapable of affording a house. The avo toast here is loaded with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and hot sauce, and it’s great for a light meal or a quick snack. It’s colourful, filling, and affordable (wait – no – stop buying avocados, millennials!). And if you’re stopping by here for some avo toast, play it smart and grab one of the best smoothies in Brampton, the coco green. Mmm…trendy food…

2) Chi Pie Pizza

Chi Pie Pizza opened in November 2017 in a plaza near Mayfield and Hurontario, and it’s the one and only specialty deep dish pizza spot in Brampton. That means it’s unique. That means it’s ideal for Instagram. And that means its incredibly trendy among Bramptonians – everyone and their third cousin is headed here to take photos on their DSLR. There are a few different kinds of deep dish deliciousness you can get here, including the Chicago Classic with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, Al’s Alibi with caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta, and basil (pictured below!), and even Mobster Meatball with beef meatballs, mushrooms, and ricotta. Prices range from $15.95 to $24.95 depending on the kind and size of pizza you get (medium or large). Alongside classic deep dish pizzas, Chi Pie Pizza also serves regular crust pizza that you can choose your own toppings for, chicken wings, garlic bread, and potato wedges. Al’s Alibi wasn’t as greasy as you’d expect a deep dish pizza to be, it’s loaded with cheese, and it’s very filling and flavourful, though you could add an extra sprinkle of pepper or a dash of hot sauce. Keep in mind that it takes about an hour to make one of these babies, so calling ahead is a good idea. Top marks here for presentation!

1) J. Red & Co

Brampton’s most modern and trendy restaurant at Main and Vodden has a huge selection of trendy meal items to choose from, but we have a few favourites! First and foremost, there are the cauliflower wings. These awesome veggie alternatives to the classic chicken wing are simply tempura fried cauliflower tossed in a sriracha and sweet chili sauce – and you’ll want to keep ordering more once you’ve had a piece of this savoury, crunchy cauliflower…eating your vegetables has never been sexier. Then, there’s the hummus served with naan bread. The hummus is infused with pesto and parmesean which makes it extra special, and it’s topped with melted cheddar – heck, even the naan is topped with parmesean! And let’s not forget about the butter chicken nachos, the wood fired pizza, or, my personal favourite, the beet burger! J. Red’s beet burger is so Instagrammable and scrumptious, boasting a beet-based burger loaded with arugula, tomato, onion, avocado, garlic aioli and goat cheese. And for dessert? Try the Nutella pizza – we all know how trendy Nutella is right now. Be sure to pop by for Jazz Night Sundays to be a real hipster here.

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