Top 5 Tiramisu in Mississauga

Published May 16, 2019 at 7:02 pm


Need a little ‘pick me up’ after that heavy dinner? Well, then a tiramisu may be what you’re looking for. The word ‘tiramisu’ generally translates from Italian to English as a ‘pick me up’ or to ‘lift up‘. This dessert is a crossroads for people who aren’t sure if they want cake, a shot of liquor, or a coffee/espresso. When put together properly, the combination can be dynamite! There’s a long list of restaurants and bakeries in the city that claim to make a wicked a tiramisu, and while it’s tough to judge them all, here is a short list of a few good options:

5) Andiamo

Now Streetsville has a few fine-dining restaurants that can offer a good tiramisu, but Andiamo gives you quite a generous and tasteful serving. The dessert is made in a variety of ways with different chefs and bakers focusing on different aspects of the dish. This one, in particular, emphasized the coffee flavour through and through. You can see the density of the ladyfinger in the picture and the powder on top of the slice amplifies that coffee and cocoa taste. That layer of mascarpone on the top just about seals the deal!

4) Posta

Lakeshore Road is tiramisu heaven! Between Port Credit and Clarkson there must be well over 15 restos that offer the dessert, and Posta is one of them!  While they carry a variety of fine-dinning items, and a rather extensive wine list (it’s practically part of the décor, you can’t miss the vino), their tiramisu is delightful! Rather than a more cake-based consistency, theirs is similar in texture to that of custard. So it’s a ‘custardy’ cake-like square with flavours of espresso, cocoa, and port… I can understand if people are coming here JUST for this little gem.

3) Goodfellas

Remember what I said about Streetsville? Well here’s another! Occupying that gorgeous corner spot in the heart of Streetsville, Goodfellas puts out more than just stone oven classics. Their tiramisu is light and creamy with a boatload of cocoa powder. I don’t think anyone has complained about the amount of cocoa powder and if they have, those complaints must be few and far between. Again, the combo of flavours here just makes every bite a little slice of heaven! Just look at the way the light hits that plate, that timing wasn’t planned (at least not by me).

2) Papa Giuseppe’s

Can you chase a good read with a jar of tiramisu? This is probably the only time you’ve been asked this question. Located right next to the Port Credit Library, Papa Giuseppe’s has become an absolute icon! Great food with charming service in a cozy little spot by the lake with a patio out back. Served in a jar instead of a plate, this is the lightest and smoothest tasting tiramisu on this list. In fact, the flavour is so light, that a few bites may feel like they do not have any tiramisu at all, while others are loaded with the classic flavour. It may not be consistent, but it keeps the taste buds guessing and yes, it is delicious. For a stronger kick, try a coffee or espresso on the side.

1) Dal Moro’s: Square One Food District

If you haven’t been to the Food District yet, I understand – life gets busy. If you want to see something a little different then I suggest you make the time and check it out. Unlike the food court located closer to the middle of the mall, the Food District has more of a marketplace vibe where stores and restos overlap and lead you into one and another. Along the wall in this new foodie hot spot is a heavy hitter called Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta. They offer a variety of different kinds of pasta and two killer tiramisus. The winner of the two is their Nutella Tiramisu. Yup. They took tiramisu (already amazing on its own) and then had the nerve to add Nutella (also an amazing product if you haven’t been exposed to it yet) to create this epic combination of flavours that I can only describe as pure joy. Just think of what a chocolatey hazelnut spread could do to a tiramisu…how could it go wrong? Spoiler alert, IT WON’T! There’s nothing ‘wrong’ about it. Sure, it’s untraditional, but to create something truly unique, you may need to cross some lines.

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