Top 5 Thrift Stores for DIY Project in Mississauga

Published July 31, 2015 at 10:25 pm


I’m sure most of you are disappointed that summer is half over. I, on the other hand don’t mind it at all because fall temperatures are the best conditions for painting outside.  It isn’t too hot or humid, which is great weather for restoring that beloved piece of furniture you found at the local thrift store.  

My mother is a serial thrifter, so I grew up going to thrift stores. I bought old furniture and wore pre-loved items before it became cool (eek, I’m that old). It wasn’t something I enjoyed as a child, but it grew on me. Now being a homeowner, thrifting has become part of my life. Not only is it cost-effective, it’s also kind to the environment since you’re re-using instead of buying new — which means less stuff at our local landfill. Trust me when I say I’ve scoured every thrift store in the Mississauga area and beyond. Today, I’m sharing with you the top five places (in no particular order) to find your next home goods treasure. 

5.  Goodwill – Dundas East

This store is amazing for glassware and other cups.  I found a beautiful teapot and a variety of mismatched teacups that I love to use for social gatherings. Be patient and you might find your buried treasure. 

4. The Salvation Army

This location is a little hidden, but it’s great for small home accessories like tableware and lamps.  Check out this lamp I found for $10.  It’s a total steal and everyone who saw me walking with it wanted to grab it from my cart. 

3. Goodwill – Burnhamthorpe 

I find they’re great for picture frames and home accessories such as vases and candleholders.  My mom lucked out and found an amazing kilim rug that was just my style for $10! Be patient here — sometimes you have to dig around because people tend to throw things on top of one another. 

2. Value Village – Bristol

Again, another great source for furniture as well as small home accessories such as dinnerware and glassware.  I scored an industrial wooden desk for $20!  It was actually featured on the Thriftstore Showdown episode of the Marilyn Denis Show.  I still have this desk in my office and have left the piece as is.  The wood is great, but for those who fancy something more colourful, it can be easily painted. 

1. The Salvation Army – Dundas

This place is great for furniture.  I’ve snagged myself some great pieces here for bargain prices.  My best find was a wooden console table for $30.  These tables easily go for at least $400.

Amy Carrillo is the owner of Love On Sunday, a company that provides interior styling and graphic design services across the GTA.  Amy has been featured on DesignSponge, Apartment Therapy and The Marilyn Denis Show.

  1. The Salvation Army – Dundas
  2. Value Village – Bristol
  3. Goodwill – Burnhamthorpe
  4. The Salvation Army, Thrift Store
  5. Goodwill – Dundas East
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