Top 5 Things to Do in Your 20s in Mississauga

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Published February 5, 2016 at 1:52 pm


Congratulations! You’re 20-something years old and your skin is tight and free (for now) of visible sun damage and you’re allowed to jet off to Mongolia for a year to “find yourself.” You can go to Mongolia at any age, but the frown lines in your parent’s brow will be deeper if you set sail at 42.

This is a wonderful time in your life. It’s the starter decade where you’re expected to learn, travel, find love and discover who you are. It’s also slightly more acceptable for you to get rip roaring drunk on weekends and have sex in a construction pipe in a deserted junkyard in the wee hours (I saw that in a Lena Dunham movie called Tiny Furniture).

I know how great it is to be in your 20s. I’ve been 29 three times now.  

5) Go Speed Dating

I don’t know if speed dating is good for forming long-lasting love connections, but I’m sure it’s fun and worth the story. When you’re young, experiences are the things you want to rack up the most. So, if you want do something a little off-the-beaten path and more involved than Tinder, try speed dating. There’s speed dating events happening all the time in Mississauga that welcomes men and women between the ages of 28 and 43 to meet and connect. I’m not sure why the cut off is 43. It’s an odd and arbitrary number. There will be food though! 

4) Experiment with Physical Activities

By that, I don’t mean sex (although you should be experimenting with that, too). While you’re still young and spry in your third decade of life, 25-ish is when some of you might notice late night poutines and beers adding a little extra padding to your tummy or thighs. That’s okay and you should love yourself no matter what. But, if you want to move your muscles from time to time and you hate treadmills, there are lots of cool activities that are perfect for you and your friends. You might want to look into memberships at some of the cooler and more niche gyms the city has to offer. Some fitness facilities to think about? The elegant and luxurious (but more costly) Lifetime Fitness, a boutique gym like Habitual Fitness, Battle Arts Academy and Kombat Arts (if you’re into martial arts) or one of the city’s many spacious, serene yoga studios 

Bonus: Take up hiking on one of the city’s may trails or try a few unorthodox activities, such as archery tag, axe throwing or snookball

3) When It’s Time to Party You Should Always Party Hard 

That’s a line from an Andrew W.K. song that came out when I was in grade 12, so I’m not sure if every early 20-something is familiar with it. It doesn’t matter though. While you’re never too old to party, your 20s is the time you’re expected (and allowed) to do it the most. If you’re a Sheridan student living in or around City Centre, you can get your drink on at Failte or &Co. Failte is probably one of the city’s most youth-oriented watering holes, offering patrons a sprawling and bustling space filled with students pounding back shots and pints. &Co offers guests a more traditional nightclub experience with a slick, chic aesthetic, on point dining menu, impressive wine list and live DJs. If you’re a student (or just a young person looking to be around other fresh-faced partiers), you should take a look at our Top 5 Student Pub rundown

2) Be An Activist Who Drinks Coffee 

To be clear, I don’t think your 20s is exclusively for activism and community involvement. I think it should be the start — not the end — of your self- and global-awareness journey. Community activism is a profoundly positive thing that is personally enriching. It’s also great for connecting with people with shared interests and values. Studio 89 is a good place to go if you’re in the mood for organic and fair-trade edibles. It’s also known for hosting free workshops and facilitating empowerment and entrepreneurship. In terms of activities, you can meet people at their board game nights, documentary nights, book clubs, live music nights, networking events and fundraisers. You can check out their events calendar here

Bonus: Spend A Lot of Time in Coffee Shops

One of the best memories of my 20s is spending hours finishing up essays and assignments in local coffee shops. Even though I was working, I never felt so free. When you work in a coffee shop (and please make regular purchases if you do), you’re free to enjoy good coffee, good food, good music and great atmosphere at your leisure. You will get more out of working in a serene, earth-toned space than you ever will a windowless, off-white office. Hit up The Cold Pressery, Archtop Café and Buka Maranga Cafe and Catering to write that novel.

1) Volunteer

You can volunteer at any age, but your 20s is the perfect time to do it because it’s resume and experience building — not to mention personally satisfying. If you volunteer in the city, you can work with children, assist people going through health challenges, contribute to the local green scene or work on golf courses or in museums. You can take a look at some opportunities here. Not only is volunteering fulfilling, it opens a lot of doors in terms of experience and networking. You can learn a lot about yourself and others by getting more involved the community.

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