Top 5 Things Mississauga Wish It Had


Published May 15, 2014 at 4:28 am


Mississauga is an incredible city but we can always improve. Here are the top 5 things if we had would really take our city to next level: 

5 – An Outdoor/Indoor St. Lawrence Market-Inspired Space

During the summer, we boast some great farmers markets in the City Centre, Streetsville and Port Credit areas. Sadly, Mississauga seems to have a 10-month winter. A structure like the St. Lawrence Market would be an awesome fix for the winter markets. Perhaps we can transform a building that currently exists into something like this. Think about how cool this would be in the winter in Mississauga. People deserve a market, shops and shows all year round.

4 – Indie Restaurant Choices

We need more diverse restos in Mississauga. Port Credit (TEN, Port 229, Breakwater) and Streetsville (Goodfellas, Sauceys, Cagneys) do their part, but the rest of Mississauga is confined to chain restaurants such as Boston Pizza and Jack Astor’s. There’s nothing wrong with either resto, but variety is the spice of life. I love trying different things and the food scene in Mississauga is changing, but not fast enough. I would love to see restaurants that people talk about and travel to Mississauga for. I think we have a big enough market for something like that. I would love to see a Japanese pub-style restaurant or a vegetarian place open up here. 

3 – A Signature Festival

Mississauga is the city of festivals. Yes, we have our Ribfests and the Mississauga Waterfront Festival, but we need something bigger that is identifiably our own. There is a Ribfest in almost every city in the world, so it’s not unique. We need to create or modify a current festival and we have to be original so people will actually travel from other cities to enjoy it. At present, our festivals attract people from the geographic area. We need something like Taste of the Danforth or the Beaches Jazz Festival, festivals that people travel miles to get to. We are the sixth biggest city in Canada and we should act like it and create a unique festival that’ll draw Torontonians and other cities to Sauga. 

2 – Pedestrian Friendly Nightlife/Shops at City Centre

A real downtown is not made by buildings, box stores and corporations. It’s created by people, walkable areas and unique businesses. City Centre will only become a real downtown if Mississauga creates a pedestrian-only area that allows unique shops to open. A couple of great examples of cities that have pedestrian friendly-areas are Hamilton with Hess Village and Ottawa with the Byward Market. Areas where you can walk from a restaurant to a bar in second rather than drive. Both these cities have smaller populations than ours. This would bring a sense of nightlife to Mississauga. 

1 – A Subway

There is a chance the LRT is going to be Crispy Creme Donuts. Remember when Crispy Creme first arrived in Mississauga and everyone was lining up for it because it was new? Well, people will be lining up to try the LRT, but once the novelty wears off, all we might be left with is a $1.5 billion donut. I’m not sure why no one is talking about it, but would it not make more sense to extend the subway line to Square One? Way more people from Mississauga travel to Toronto for both work and pleasure than to Brampton last time I checked. I know, I know — where are we going to get the money? But let’s face it; if we’re talking about something that will last us a century, wouldn’t it be worth it? You usually pay more for things that last longer and that would be the case for the subway. Next stop Square One! 

What do you wish Mississauga had? 

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