Top 5 Tea Houses in Mississauga

Published February 11, 2016 at 10:30 pm


They say that in England everything stops for tea, but how about in Mississauga? It seems as though we can get get caught up in the hustle and bustle of busy Mississauga life and often we swap the calming tea for the highly-needed caffeine dose of the XL Tim’s Double Double. Nonetheless, when the going gets slowing, Mississauga has some pretty unique ways for tea lovers to indulge, and we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting gems around the city.

5 – South-Western Bathhouse

Not your traditional tea house, the South-Western Bathhouse offers a truly unique tea and spa-fusion experience. The Russian Banya is a sauna-like room offering different levels of heat for a relaxing environment, and the Turkish Hammam is an elegant steam-room to whisk away your worries. Afterwards, guests can rehydrate in the tudor-style Tea Room with calming peppermint, soothing oolong and other traditional varieties of tea for an all-consuming and relaxing tea experience.

4 – Green Grotto Tea Room 

The Green Grotto Tea Room features an extensive menu of delicious and authentic bubble teas delicious enough for even the most veteran bubble tea drinkers. The authentic Taiwanese atmosphere and tea-brewing blends are a welcome treat for Mississauga bubble tea lovers, and the central Mississauga location makes it a perfect spot for a dine-in treat. 

3 – Lotus Tea House 

A division of the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple, the Lotus Tea House in Mississauga focuses on spreading education, spirituality, charitable activities and purifying of the mind.  This tea room offers a unique environment to not only sip on delightful tea, but meet enlightened thinkers and individuals while enjoying freshly made specialty teas in a zen environment. 

2 – The Apricot Tree 

Located in the posh little perimeters of Sherwood Village, The Apricot Tree is an ideal place to grab your morning tea on the go, or have a sit-in with friends on a cold day. They have a wide variety of loose leaf teas, including black, green, white, roobois and fruit varieties, and the teas are prepared in the open kitchen right before your eyes. The quaint, inviting atmosphere is also home to delicious delicacies and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1 – The Tea Room 

For a more traditional British high-tea experience, The Tea Room at the Robinson-Bray House in Mississauga is definitely the place to be. Specialising in light-lunches and afternoon tea menus with a list of over 40 varieties of tea from around the world, this posh tea room is the perfect escape for an elegant spot of tea, whether its an intimate gathering or a full-fledged affair.

  1. The Tea Room at Robinson Bray House
  2. The Apricot Tree
  3. Lotus Tea House
  4. Green Grotto Tea Room
  5. South-Western Bathhouse and Tea Room
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