Top 5 Tacos in Mississauga

Published January 29, 2015 at 6:26 pm


Crunchy or soft shell, tacos are a favourite for many! They’re a Mexican delight that mixes a variety of beautifully seasoned meats and a variety of small portioned toppings. If you’re like me, you probably don’t get cravings for tacos…you get an undeniable DESIRE! When the urge hits, there’s nothing worse than filling it with something subpar, so here are some of the best taco joints for those of you like me in Mississauga:

5) Alijandro’s Kitchen

Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine combine here for some amazing Taboon Tacos! The ingredients they use are almost TOO fresh. I’m not sure how else to describe it so you’re best off trying it yourself. While Alijandro’s does not deliver an authentic taco, it does offer something refreshing and different to taco lovers in this city. The sauces they use are brilliant, and I can’t say in my years of eating that I’ve ever come across the tastes that they conjure.

4) Senor Burrito

Retaining its spot on this list, Senor Burrito definitely plates the largest portion of food on this list! Three tacos served with a respectable side of rice and beans. The portion is so large that it really makes you hesitate with ordering that extra fourth or fifth taco – you know who you are. In the taste department, I would say they produce a decently flavoured taco. Fish, chorizo, carnitas (pork), pastor and more, the flavour is good, but nothing that truly stood out to me. I’d encourage you to try a few and see if any of these tacos work for you!

3) El Mariachi Tacos & Churros

Oh man, these are some hefty tacos! They do not skimp out on the fish here and it’s a sight to behold. Two beautifully battered pieces of fish PER taco with toppings that hide every one of those pieces! It may not be accompanied by any rice or beans but you probably don’t need them with this meal. Dressed with a delicious spicy mayo and a side of deliciously dark salsa, your flavour-buds will be sure to say ‘wow, what was that?’

2) Border MX

These might be pricey for the potion, but Border MX adds interesting bits of flavour and quality to almost everything on their menu, and their tacos are no different. Fish tacos are their big seller, but they don’t seem to have a bad taco on their menu. Bits of red onion act as a catalyst in your mouth to help you truly taste the seasoning of their meat. The Baja fish tacos are some of the best in the city; perfectly fried and sauced. If you’re trying to find which taco works best for you, give this place a try. All servings come with a small side of rice and beans. Border MX also retains its spot in this top 5, and comes in very close to the number one on this list.

1) El Jefe

El Jefe is known for their massive patio, beautiful décor, large selection of premium tequilas, and yes, their tacos! They are the smallest portion of those on this top 5, but the restaurant has earned their number one spot for two reasons. One, they don’t have a bad taco, like…at all. Every taco that was tried was a bit of an eyebrow raiser that provided some type of interesting taste to the flavour-buds. Two, their shrimp taco. I took one bite…then another…then another…and when I wanted to put it down, I took another bite! It’s absolutely addictive. I had to order another just to know it wasn’t a fluke, and WOW what a taco! The sour and vinegary notes blended so well with the garlic seasoning on the shrimp that it truly awakened my taste buds! El Jefe’s shrimp taco for me, is the number one taco in the city.

Notable Mention: Kage Nikkei Restobar

Kage’s menu is still being fine-tuned as their chefs and head staff experiment with a variety of dishes. Being a Japanese and Peruvian fusion, tacos are not necessarily their speciality, but if it’s the only thing you try there, you may think otherwise. The meat is cooked to a tender finish, and the juices that flow out of your taco are just brilliant! They only give you two tacos, for those of you who are accustomed to three per order, but at $10 for the pair, it’s a fair price.

  1. El Jefe
  2. Border MX Streetsville
  3. El Mariachi Tacos and Churros
  4. Senor Burrito
  5. Alijandro’s Kitchen
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