Top 5 Steaks in Mississauga


Published February 26, 2016 at 4:33 am


Believe it or not, Mississauga has some fantastic steak options that are available at multiple price points. I would say that our main steakhouse is just as good as (or better than) anything found in our neighbour to the east. A good steak is, in my humble opinion, defined by the cut, seasoning, cooking method and price. Each steak on this list was cooked medium-rare.

Here are the top five places to get steak in Mississauga:

5 – Union Social

“The best value on this list!”

What else can be said about Union Social other than they serve good food? It isn’t any different with their steak frites. You get a great cut of meat and you get it with green peppercorn chive butter. I have no idea what that is, but I will tell you that once you have it in your mouth, the only thing you will care about is how fast you can have the next bite and how nobody better ask for a piece of your steak. The fries were also incredible, as they were truffle fries and therefore tasted like heaven.

Cut: 8oz Certified Angus sirloin
Price: $22.78

4 – Piatto Bistro

Piatto Bistro was a sleeper on our Top 5 Fine Dining list, but they serve some of the best food in Mississauga and their steak is no exception. Located across the street from Erindale Park, the iconic Piatto Bistro has been in operation for over 25 years. Their menu boasts a grilled Black Angus striploin steak with green peppercorn sauce and it is absolutely delicious.

“The peppercorn sauce is a perfect accompaniment that balances out the meticulously and skillfully cooked meat.”

Cut: 12oz Black Angus Striploin
Price: $39.75

3 – The Wilcox

One of the most flavourful and biggest cuts on this list is The Wilcox’s 18oz bone-in ribeye steak. Located on the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton, the trendy gastropub is situated in the Wilcox House – one of Mississauga’s oldest Heritage Homes that was built by Amos and Charles Wilcox in 1850. The ribeye steak is for the hungry man for obvious reasons, but it’s flavourful all the way through.

“It’s so good that you’ll want to grab the bone and eat the meat right off it for more.”

Cut: 18oz Ribeye Steak
Price: $39.00 

2 – Tu Casa

40 day wet-aged USDA prime ribeye, damn!

“How can something that is 40 day wet-aged be bad?”

Tucasa is hidden in one of city’s most affluent neighbourhoods – Lorne Park. John Ross Woodland, executive chef, has quite the culinary repertoire. He has trained under exceptional chefs, won numerous awards and is a Chopped Canada champ (Food Network chef challenge television show). This is one of the best cuts you will find in Mississauga. This 12 oz. beauty will be one of the most flavourful steaks you will eat medium rare.

Cut: 12oz 40 Day Wet Aged USDA Prime Ribeye
Price: $47.00

1 – 17 Steakhouse

“I would put this resto up against any steakhouse in Canada.”

The menu includes a number of U.S., Ontario and Alberta prime cuts of beef, including the tenderloin, strip loin, prime T-bone, porterhouse and tomahawk. You will also find Japanese A5 wagyu and a reasonably priced American flat iron wagyu at $39 for 8 oz. While we wanted to try the ribeye wagyu cut, we couldn’t justify the $30/oz. price tag. That’s Vince McMahon money. The flat iron cut was incredibly delicious and tender. In fact, it was so tender that the steak would cut with just the softest touch of the knife.

Cut: American flat iron wagyu
Price: $39.00

  1. 17 Steakhouse and Bar – permanently closed
  2. Noble Bistro (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)
  3. The Wilcox Gastropub
  4. Piatto Bistro
  5. Union Social Eatery
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