Top 5 Steak & Eggs in Mississauga


The brunch menu. A weekend delight for many, a tradition for others. It's a great reason to catch up with your family, friends, and loved ones, but it's a better reason to have a delicious steak and eggs. They're a powerful pairing that can both excite and sedate (usually in that order). This city has a large variety of steak and eggs, but I guarantee you'll find a few winners in this Top 5.

Clear your afternoon (and maybe your evening too), here are some of the best steak and eggs Mississauga has to offer:

5) Union Social Eatery

When the plate arrived I was a bit confused. Watermelon slices, a shot of fruit smoothie, a pico de gallo, an interesting steak sauce, and an omelette for eggs, all accompanied by steak and potatoes. It's a slightly unconventional plating but definitely not disappointing! I admire their fresh approach in plating this meal along with how well all the flavours and tastes paired with each other. This takes some skill and I always award brownie points to restaurants that go ahead and take that risk, especially when it tastes delicious!

4) Kravingz

Mississauga brunch lovers, I'm sure you aren't too surprised to see this resto on the list. A fusion of Polish and Filipino inspired food is bound to bring a uniquely flavoured steak and eggs to this list—and the restaurant's airy, pleasant interior helps push it over the top. Their 6 oz New York striploin is incredibly flavourful in large part to the caramelized onions that go on top of it! Accompanied with 3 eggs, toast, and beautifully seasoned home fries, this dish is sure to satisfy.

3) Zet’s

This place is an institution. If you haven't heard of it, I kindly suggest you arrange a trip there in the not-too-distant future. While we know their portion sizes are fair at least, and extremely generous at best, the quality of food here is a large factor of why people keep coming back. The steak and eggs here is no stranger to that very formula. While they do give you thinner pieces of steak, they're seasoned to absolute perfection! Some steak lovers will defend the code that a good steak is purely based on the cut of meat and how well it's cooked, others will state that it's how you flavour the steak. Rest assured, I feel both parties would be able to come to an agreement with Zet's steak and eggs.

2) International Sports Bar and Eatery

I'm almost positive that the majority of you haven't heard of this place; I forgive you, and you're welcome. The bife a casa (steak of the house in Portuguese) is a staple at this restaurant located on Cawthra, south of the Dundas overpass. The steak is cooked in a garlic sauce that makes every bite a little explosion of flavour in your mouth. Now add an egg, and two large sides (you chose from fries, round cut fries, salad, rice, three mounds of mashed potato, etc) all for under $20! With a packed menu of other well priced and flavoured options, this place is a crowd pleaser, and definitely earns a top 3 finish.

1) Master Steaks

The city's East end produces yet another winner in this category! A diner style restaurant, Master Steaks offer steak and eggs starting from $9 all the way to this juicy T-bone at $21. With 10 different choices of steak and eggs, and steaks with as much flavour and meat as their T-bone, this restaurant deserves a top 3 finish. While the rankings were incredibly tight, Master Steaks takes number one spot in this category.

Other Notable Steak and Eggs in Mississauga:

  • Skyway Jack's
  • Captain Robin's
  • Bobby's Hideaway

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