Top 5 Spring Rolls in Mississauga


For those that love spring rolls—hot, crisp, and full of vegetables—these places are worth checking out.

Spring rolls are an essential appetizer or side plate on any occasion. If you haven't heard, spring rolls are a symbol of prosperity, another reason to chow down on bite-sized goodness. Almost every country in east Asia has its own version of a spring roll. Whether you love all vegetable, curry chicken, or shrimp spring rolls, each style of spring roll is worth trying.

Here are the top 5 spring rolls in Mississauga:

5) Thai Cuisine Experts 

Located near Square One, Thai Cuisine Experts is a small dine-in restaurant that serves authentic Thai cuisine. Don't be discouraged by the decor of the restaurant, it is more of an eat-in or take-out type of restaurant. The menu consists of Halal and MSG-free options and gluten-free dishes. The three-piece spring rolls came stuffed with vegetables, black mushrooms and glass noodles served with Thai cuisine plum sauce made by the restaurant itself. Each spring roll was light, crisp, and full of veggies, just enough to satisfy your craving of a quality spring roll.

4) Mizuki 

If you're looking for a quick take-out teriyaki place, I recommend Mizuki. Located in the Argentia and Winston Churchill plaza, Mizuki offers teriyaki plates served with rice and an in-house Mizuki salad. Don't forget to order a side plate of spring rolls. It comes with four vegetarian spring rolls with a sweet chili sauce. As far as flavour and texture, the spring rolls were delightfully crunchy outside and full of vegetables.

3) Axia Restaurant and Bar 

Axia, a popular restaurant in Erin Mills, serves authentic Asian cuisine from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. At first glance, the decor of Axia has the earthy-feel of an outdoor Asian marketplace with trees, lanterns, string lights, and patio furniture. With over 230 menu items, Axia provides the ultimate Asian dining experience. If you're ordering spring rolls as an appetizer, try the two-piece spring roll with chicken, mushrooms, and vegetables. It had a crispy outer shell with tender-crisp vegetables on the inside. 

2) Bliss Chinese Cuisine 

On your way to Streetsville at the corner of Mississauga Road you'll find Bliss Chinese Cuisine. It is tucked away beside JJ's Japanese and Thai. Bliss is a sit-down restaurant with an optional take-out menu. The decor reminded me of a banquet hall setting with large ceiling chandeliers, satin-covered chairs, and an open dining space. The take-out menu is quite extensive with many Chinese plates to choose from. The pork and vegetable spring rolls came in a box of two with a side of soy sauce. Each roll was large, full of flavour with a crunchier and flakier texture. 

1) Twin Fish 

Twin Fish is a Thai cuisine restaurant that prepares fresh to order dishes. The top dishes are red curry, pad Thai with barbecue chicken, and red snapper with basil sauce. The authentic Thai dining experience is not one to miss, with seven types of spring rolls to try. From Thai rolls, cold rolls, Vietnamese, vegetable, to seafood spring rolls each roll is freshly prepared. If you have a party of two to four people, I recommend the Twin Fish Spring Roll Platter ($18.00). It comes with an assortment of Thai, Vietnamese, chef cold roll, and crab spring roll served with peanut and Thai sweet garlic chili sauce.

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