Top 5 Spinach Dips in Mississauga

Published August 11, 2018 at 1:30 am


A classic, shareable plate is difficult to come by these days. Restaurants are primed to serve sliders, polenta chips and spiced olives, but whatever happened to the tried and true spinach dip? Goat cheese, cheddar and mozzarella baked together – with artichokes, if you’re lucky – to create the best in creamy goodness. And it’s all shared on a patio between laughs and a few sips of beer. The spinach dip is calling you, asking: did you forget about me?

Sounds like a perfect summer outing to me. That said, here are the top five places in Mississauga to find a delightful

5) Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub

If you’re looking to visit a laid-back spot with some of the best people-watching Mississauga has to offer, Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub is the right place to try. Located in the heart of Streetsville, just a street away from the main bustle, you will find the charming pub, favourite to many. It was enjoyable to go to a place that obviously put care into its indie music selections, if that’s the sort of treat you look forward to on a hot summer’s day.  The spinach dip (entitled “dippins”) was cool and refreshing, like one you’d expect to eat from within your mom’s Knorr pumpernickel loaf. This one is made healthy with carrots, cucumbers and pita for dipping. Though it’s certainly not the top dip on this list and definitely on the modest side of life, Cuchulainn’s is one of the most memorable locations and a fav experience.

4) The Erin Mills Pump

Located in a quiet plaza in southwest Erin Mills, The Erin Mills Pump is a great place to enjoy a beer on the patio with some good company. A typical bar with a lot of class, the Pump has no shortage of viewing options and one massive screen so you don’t miss the big game. If you’re looking for the classic spinach dip, Erin Mills is the ideal destination. Loaded with cheesy goodness, finely chopped spinach and artichokes, and tortilla chips for dipping, this is a dish that doesn’t disappoint. Whether indoors, or on the patio, the Erin Mills Pump offers spacious and comfortable seating arrangements. Plus, unlike Streetsville and Port Credit where paid parking is now a must, Erin Mills allows you to have your stay without worrying about finding a spot, dishing out some coin and worrying about time restraints for your car. Why not use that extra money saved for another beer?

3) Social Eatery Winston Churchill

The Social Eatery is a new and vibrant spot located steps away from tMeadowvale Town Centre. This spot serves up a tasty dish in a spacious, modern setting. The beautifully decorated patio is an amazing place to unwind and enjoy at any time of the day. I appreciated the nuanced take on a classic app; if I’m going to eat a 1000 calorie starter, why not have some healthy salsa for the side too? It makes perfect sense to me. With shareable sizes portions and impeccable service, if you haven’t been to the new Social Eatery yet, you’re missing out.

2) The Pump House

It’s no surprise that the sister restaurant to the The Erin Mills Pump is number two on this Top 5. Located in the heart of Port Credit at the corner of Lakeshore and Stavebank, the Pump House Grille Co is among the most popular casual bars in Mississauga. It’s cool atmosphere and strong cuisine makes the Pump House a go-to for many Port Credit residents and is definitely worth the visit for those outside the area.  The Pump House, served, in my mind, what makes a spinach dip truly special: the artichokes. This dip was creamy and baked to perfection with hearty chunks of artichokes, served with lightly toasted pita. Delightful!  

1) Failte Irish Pub

The famous Failte Irish Pub, located just steps away from Square One, is a cut above the rest when it comes to making a delightful spinach dip. Eating this delicious dish on a top-notch patio was the perfect treat to share with a friend on a hot summer’s day. The modern presentation of the plate was wonderful: a ramekin of dip, multi-coloured tortilla chips and a fried flatbread, all served on a wooden plank. The dip was spot on, but the fried flatbread was the real draw.  It was a sad moment when all those satisfying pieces of pan fried goodness disappeared. Just thinking of it makes me want to go back for a second helping. If you’re craving the perfect spinach dip with an beyond worthy take on bread, Failte’s is – without a doubt – the place to visit.

  1. Failte Irish Pub
  2. Pump House Grille Co.
  3. Social Eatery Winston Churchill
  4. The Erin Mills Pump
  5. Cuchulainns Irish Pub
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