Top 5 South Asian Fast Food Joints in Mississauga

Published September 15, 2015 at 4:29 am


If you need some fast food with a little kick to it there’s nothing like South Asian food. Here are the top 5 South Asian fast food joints in Mississauga:

5 – Jalsa Fast Food


Jalsa is a full-service restaurant that classifies itself as Indian fast food. The resto boasts a red colour palette with a stone accent wall and a decorative string of lights lines the front window and casts a candlelight hue upon the restaurant. Jalsa is hidden in a plaza along Erin Mills Pkwy across from Erin Mills Town Centre and you probably don’t know about it unless you live in the immediate area and frequent the plaza, as the resto-front is only visible off a side street and not from Erin Mills Pkwy. 

Sit down and take out available

4 – Zeerah


Zeerah, located at Winston Churchill and the 403, is known for its Pakistani Roadside Burgers. These burgers will definitely put some hair on your chest, as they are nice and spicy for a newbie. Make sure you have some water at the ready. Once you get used to the heat, you slowly realize how flavourful these burgers are – and you can even get a fried egg on it for some extra taste.  In terms of toppings, you have a choice of chicken, beef, lentils or potato for the $3.19 sandwich. Outside of burgers, they have everything from butter chicken to curry dishes to Haleem and everything you would expect from a Pakistani takeout resto. This is just a takeout joint, so don’t come here for a date or anything.

Take only (There are a couple of seats though)

3 – Karachi Kitchen


Located in a plaza on the corner of Dixie and Burnhamthorpe is a Pakistani/Indian joint called Karachi Kitchen. Flavour, flavour, and more flavour with a shot of heat! In a nut shell, the Seekh Kabab is seasoned meat on a stick, and it comes with two sticks.  It was juicy and had enormous flavour. The Daal Mash (pulses of dried lentils, chickpeas and/or beans) had an awesome kick to it and it made my head, nose and upper lip sweat, along with opening up my nasal passages. The Naan bread was warm and soft. My lunch buddy and I made a wrap that enveloped all of the dishes we orderd –  Seekh Kabab and the Daal Mash wrapped with the naan – a Seekh Kabab Wrap. This invention should be the next great food truck to hit the streets!

Take only

2 – A-One


“Simply the best” is A-One’s slogan and it’s hard to argue that when they have samosas that taste as good as theirs. A-One Catering is located on a side street in an industrial plaza by the airport that you will only find if you’re in the area (or read about it here). These are the best samosas in town and they are made in-house in A-one’s huge kitchen and bakery. They serve veggie, chicken, beef and cheese and all were piping hot and made fresh. The dough was perfectly crispy without being burned and the beef, veggie, chicken and cheese filling was cooked to perfection. The portions are also generous. You can always tell how fresh samosas are by how greasy the brown paper bag is and my bag was nice and greasy! They also serve a full lunch as well but remember it’s only take-out.

Take only

1 – Watan Kabob

Cuisine: Afghani

Located in the back of the plaza that houses a Mandarin Restaurant and Burger King at Hwy 10 and Matheson is Watan Kabob. As you walk in you can’t help but notice the serving trays on the counter are all lined up for you with all your utensils to get you the food asap The food is authentic Afghani and the service is prompt and the prices are no higher than usual – starting around $6 for wraps and going up to $14 for dinner options. These guys also have some of the best wraps in the Mississauga if you are in for a quick meal. They have everything from chicken, beef tika, kofta, tandori and veggie wraps.  If you are in the area and would like either to do take-out or dine-in, you will not be disappointed at this choice! 

Sit down and take out available


  1. Watan Kabob
  2. A-One Catering
  3. Karachi Kitchen – Dixie
  4. Zeerah
  5. Jalsa Fast Food
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