Top 5 South American Restaurants in Mississauga


South American cuisine is some of the finest in the world! If you like your meats, these restaurants offer a variety of them, full of immense flavour! With staples such as rice, beans, plantain, and arepas (made of ground maize dough or cooked flour), these dishes often tend to be large and shareable.

Here are a few South American gems in this amazing city:

5) Benab Family Restaurant 


Pop quiz! Guyana is often regarded as a Caribbean nation, but do you know which continent it sits in? Well, the title of this Top 5 may give that one away, but yes, Guyana shares three international borders in South America with Venezuela, Suriname, and Brazil. Now you know! Benab is a Guyanese-Chinese Caribbean restaurant that is a go-to for a good chow mein or fried rice; their Jerk Pork fried rice is actually a tad addictive in all honesty. They also make deep fried Banga Mary (a small type of fish that is very common in South America) that are great to have as a snack or to accompany a drink or two. This restaurant has great selection and fair prices to match!

4) Kage Nikkei Restobar 

Peruvian & Japanese Fusion

The fusion restos in this city just continue to impress me! South American and Asian cuisine come together in this classy cocktail restobar in the heart of Cooksville. You HAVE to try the Stone Duck Fried Rice here. With two differently cooked styles of duck over a bowl of fried rice, an egg confit in the middle, and a beautiful mixture of veggies and candied chilies, this dish is bound to impress your taste buds. The braised beef in their beef corn tacos goes hand in hand with the scallion that comes in it. This beef is beautifully cooked and tender to the tongue.  With a constantly evolving menu and a meticulously put together atmosphere, Kage is definitely a place to go explore your taste buds.

3) My Empanada


Have you ever craved a hot, crunchy empanada? Has your answer ever been no? My Empanada is a tiny resto (also in Cooksville) that is the definition of ‘good things come in small packages.’ While this Colombian restaurant serves a variety of authentic meals, the patacon is a thing of beauty. A deep fried green plantain holds the meats you crave whether it’s chicken, chorizo, and/or chicharron (deep fried pork belly or pork rinds). As you can also imagine, their empanaditas (mini empanadas) are also fantastic. Hot and crispy paired with one of their many delicious sauces; I’d recommend the slightly unconventional garlic sauce. While there are a few spots here to sit and eat, it can get quite packed.  Ample parking is available in the plaza at the back.

2) Las Delicias


Another delicious South American resto in Cooksville! They have an amazing Colombian platter called a bandeja paisa. When it arrives on your table, you may find it beautiful and/or intimidating. Half a plate of rice, another half of beans, some sweet plantain, chorizo, chicharron, grilled beef (asada), a fried egg, and an arepa… I’ll be honest, it was exhausting just typing all that out; it really is a lot! The plate is busy and you may not know what to eat next, but the flavours are truly delectable. Their Churrasco is a notable item as well as their empanadas, and with a good size menu, there are many other tasty options available too. The place is small in size, but very inviting! Some parking is available out front if required.

1) La Bonita


This is a hidden gem in Mississauga. Their menu is full of amazing options ranging from the famous Colombian platter, the bandeja paisa, to empanadas, patacons, arepas, and so much more. One thing I’ve learned about South American cuisine is that they know how to make a delectable beef tongue! If you aren’t used to it, you may be a tad grossed out by it all, but if you ever muster the courage or are a fan of beef tongue, you have to try it at La Bonita! Cooked to absolute perfection, this meal comes with potatoes, rice, salad, and yucca! These options can be substituted upon request. Finally, their Churrasco.  A one inch, AAA sirloin steak that comes out on a sizzling hot plate with chimichurri and all kinds of other flavour! As a side, this dish comes with an entire plate of rice, beans, and sweet plantain; both plates for a very fair $19! La Bonita will make you want to book your next flight to Bogota in a hurry!

Top 5 South American Restaurants in Mississauga

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