Top 5 Shrimp Cocktails in Mississauga

Published February 16, 2018 at 10:19 pm


I have been a huge fan of seafood since I was a child. Prawn curry, lobster tail and – of course – the beloved shrimp ring. Ages ago, I was that kid that would embarrass my parents by scurrying to the appetizer table at a family function, and filling my plate with three shrimps at a time and a little mountain of cocktail sauce.

“You have to give others a chance” my mother would say. Alas, within 30 seconds I had finished every last bite on my plate. Two minutes later, I was back at the ring, wondering how they all disappeared so fast – that wasn’t all me – and pondering the ethics of claiming the last two. In my adulthood, not much has changed. I am that woman with a big drop of cocktail sauce splattered on my shirt, now with no shame at all. That’s just who I am.  That’s why it was super fun to do this top five.

Without further ado, here are the top five shrimp cocktails in Mississauga:

5)  Zorro’s

If you’ve never been to Zorro’s before, I highly recommend a visit for the unique experience. It’s old world decor is not something often seen, definitely giving this restaurant something different from other spots on this list. Not far from the airport, Zorro’s hosts an eclectic mix of travellers and regulars both, especially those who enjoy eating luxuriously. As for the shrimp cocktail, it is exactly as I would expect from any fine dining establishment. Zorro’s is a cozy choice for any seeking a shrimp cocktail.

4 – Aristotles

Although it is located in an unassuming strip mall in Meadowvale, Aristotle’s should not be mistaken for a simpleton’s establishment. Aristotle’s is a classy restaurant that specializes in steak and seafood. The traditional atmosphere lends itself to romance, especially if you’re looking for an intimate space where you can enjoy a conversation next to a gently burning fire. The waiter was attentive and friendly, as well. As for the shrimp cocktail; it was delicious and I got a lot more value for my buck, especially compared to many restaurants on this Top 5.

3) Cagney’s Restaurant and Winebar

A go-to choice for many Streetsville residents, Cagney’s is an elegant restaurant with a modern flair. Cagney’s boasts a substantial collection of wine and a versatile menu, making it a strong choice for a vibrant night out with friends or family. This shrimp cocktail was especially enjoyable for all those who hail horseradish. If you’re looking for a fun night out with a strong shrimp cocktail, Cagney’s is the right place.

2) 17 Steakhouse and Bar

17 was the most pleasant surprise of all the restaurants I visited for shrimp cocktails. In the place of the old Pavillion Royal – a large banquet hall – is this completely updated facility.  With its lux menu, overly attentive waiters and stunning decor, 17 is a cut above the rest. It is especially spectacular if you’re a fan of everything modern and are ready to be wowed by presentation. 17 was the only restaurant to give a different spin on a timeless classic, presenting this masterpiece on a plate rather than the traditional ring. Further, I absolutely loved the service – the fresh baked bread and truffles to end the meal were an absolute delight. That said, at $18 for just two shrimp, be prepared to spend big when you visit this hot spot.

1)  La Castile

When you walk into La Castile, there is the faint smell of a wood burning fire in the background. It’s beautiful stained glass surrounds you to create a classic atmosphere, perfect for the most significant of all occasions. If you want a more upscale casual feel, head to the bar, where you will likely find a number of regulars chatting away. La Castile, known for its seafood, and so its shrimp cocktail, which was pretty much perfection, came as no surprise. It was absolutely delightful and definitely a strong reminder of why the shrimp cocktail will forever be a classic.

  1. La Castile
  2. 17 Steakhouse and Bar – permanently closed
  3. Cagneys Restaurant and Winebar
  4. Aristotle’s Steak & Seafood House
  5. Zorro’s Steakhouse
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