Top 5 Shawarma in Brampton

Published November 7, 2016 at 1:33 am

One side of my family is Middle Eastern, so I know my shawarma in Brampton. That, and I am from an area in Montreal called “Petite Beirut,” so I have a good handle and what the deal is! The shawarma game is serious in Btown with new comers and old dawgs slinging delicious meat like soldiers! As such, here are the top 5 shawarma joints in Brampton.

5) Shawarma House

This is a mainstay for Sheridan College students when they are in need of this garlicky goodness. The ladies behind the till here serve the shawarma’s up fast furious to locals and students that are certainly not going to be making out with their significant others anytime soon. The size of the pita here is larger than most in Brampton and is good value for the money!

4) Pita Land

Pita land has 18 locations, so it is obviously the largest chain on this list. This franchise has a storied history that involves Lazeez and some other players in the garlicky meat game. However, the shawarma here is good and I destroyed it with extreme prejudice! While they have ridiculous terms like “flavour boosters” when it comes to adding items like Tabbouleh to your pita, I give them a pass because the food is good!

3) Spartan Grill

I am a bodybuilder and I kind of look like The Rock on an off day, so I am a regular at this spot, as it is located in a plaza right beside L.A. Fitness. The shawarma here is fantastic and the service is great as well. As I was reminiscing about my long lost love from Lebanon, the owner showed me his housemade hot sauce that totally lifted the shawarma to another level. Check out the daily specials and the extensive menu. This spot is the business, no doubt!

2) Osmows

This is one of my favorite places to eat in Brampton, period! The shawarma here is amazing and the brand just keeps growing! They serve up some of the best shawarma I have ever had. The meat is delicious and the sauce kills it every time, as it is not that garlicky and is just straight up delicious! That along with the famous housemade hot sauce is a dynamic duo that can’t be beat! P.S. Try the chicken on the rocks.

1) Shawarma Queen

This is the spot in Brampton when it comes to shawarma. I will happily put this joint up against any place in the GTA when it comes to Arab grub. Straight flexin’ like Nate Diaz at a UFC weigh in, I bring my co-workers, family, friends and lovers here for food on the regular and it never disappoints. The staff here are absolutely the nicest people you will meet in the shawarma game. Support your local, independent business, especially when they are this good!

Special Shout to Desi Shawarma – They do not have really authentic or typical shawarma, as the meat is heavily seasoned with Indian spices making it a unique spot!

What’s your favourite shawarma joint in Brampton?

  1. Shawarma Queen
  2. Osmow’s – Chrysler Dr
  3. Spartan Pita & Grill
  4. Pita Land
  5. Shawarma House
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