Top 5 Samosa in Brampton

Published November 3, 2016 at 4:41 am

Being the guy from Brampton usually means hearing “Hey, you’re from Brampton, how about you bring samosas to the office potluck?” Well, there is good reason behind that request, as we have some of the best samosas this side of Amritsar. As such, I am going to give you the lowdown on the top 5 samosas in Brampton.

5. Kwality Sweets

One of Brampton’s busiest Indian restaurants holds it down when it comes to the samosa game. A little bit steep at $2.25 for three, these beauties come out piping hot and ready to slam down your gullet. With just the right amount of spice to them, you will make everyone happy.

4. Asian Food Centre

Remember when I mentioned being the guy from Brampton that keeps being asked to bring samosass to the office potluck? Well, that guy is me and Asian Food Centre is where I grab my samosas. Two for a dollar when it comes to the large variety, these beauties are nice and spicy and worth every penny. Always coming out fresh due to the traffic in the store, these samosas are a favorite of my boy Drake! Just ask him about where his influence for “Views from the6ix” comes from, that’s no lie.3. Indian Punjabi Bazaar

I remember when I first came to Toronto from Montreal, a close friend of mine moved to Toronto. Well, she actually moved to Brampton to go to Sheridan and she was nice enough at that time to introduce me to this Brampton mainstay. Granted, at that point in time I was not all that familiar with what Punjabi was, nor the term “bazaar.” However, I fell in love with this place. The samosas are amazing at $1.00 for three. They are some of the best fried pastries stuffed with potato and drenched in chutney I have ever had! Oh, BTW, they have a mango lassi machine on premises that spits this delicious treat out faster than an Ice Capp at Tim Hortons!

2. Brar’s Sweets

As we all know, these guys are the kings of vegetarian cuisine. This buffet is the number one Indian buffet in Brampton and the take away here is second to none. When I normally come here, it’s with the fam for a buffet feast. You know this place is busy with Brampton’s finest, so they have to keep the samosas fresh and tasty. At $2.25 for three, they are a little bit on the pricy side when it comes to samosas. However, they are well worth it just for the name alone, as Brar’s is the gold standard in Indian cuisine.

1. Biryani King

This place has some of the most original tasting samosas on planet earth for a couple of reasons. They are stuffed with a mixture of beef (Halal), onions, masala, and spicy peppers and the outer pastry is thin, similar to phyllo dough. All of this combined means that this is the best spot in Brampton for samosas. I first tried these lovely samosas at a block party on my street when two Goans from Kenya introduced me to them. Located right beside some fantastic deviled eggs and oxtail, these appetizers stole the show at $2.50 for three.

What is your favourite samosa in Brampton?

  1. Biryani King
  2. Brar’s Sweets & Restaurant
  3. Indian Punjabi Bazaar
  4. Asian Food Centre
  5. Kwality Sweets & Restaurants
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