Top 5 Roti Joints for Lunch in Brampton

Published November 6, 2016 at 3:17 am

Crank up the chutney soca jams because here I come with the real deal when it comes to the best roti in Brampton. I have spent many years in Sweet Sweet TnT (Trinidad and Tobago, for those who don’t have a wife from there), so I have a refined palate when it comes to anything from the land of Nicki Minaj. So, without further delay, here are the top 5 roti shops in Brampton.

5. Vishnu’s Doubles and Roti

Located on Kennedy road just north of Bovaird, the food here is delicious and comes at you with the real deal when it comes to doubles and roti. The roti game in Brampton is very competitive and tight and leaves little room for error and Vishnu’s keeps up with the best of them. The thick and delicious curry, wrapped in fresh Dhalpuri ($8.99) gives you enough delicious goat roti to fill your Brampton belly. 

4. Radica’s Hot and Spicy

Located next to my homies at Calypso Hut, Radica’s Hot and Spicy is a staple in the West Indian community with its delicious roti and doubles. Every day, they have a different lunch special that will leave you craving more. Their dishes come in different sizes, so you do not feel like you are about to explode after you destroy a large goat roti. For $7.50 you can get a “small” roti which is more than enough for lunch or dinner. 

3. Brampton Roti

Located on Kennedy close to Clarence, this has been a mainstay in the West Indian community for over a decade. Located on the upper floor of a strip plaza, this is one of the busiest spots for roti and doubles in the city. I ordered a boneless goat roti and it was fantastic, just the right amount of curry to potato and meat. The pepper sauce is house made and is hot as hell!

2. Lena’s Roti and Doubles

Whenever I come here, I get the doubles and Aloo Pie. I had yet to try the Roti, but thank Allah I did! The Dhalpuri was fresh, fluffy and fresh, the meat was delicious and had just the right ratio of curry to potato. The service is fantastic, as they bring your grub to the dining area–which had the two things I believe are absolute essentials in any West Indian Restaurant: soca music blasting and CP24 on the flat screen! Just $8.99 gets you a massive roti and will fill you up for the entire day, no doubt!1. Alima’s Roti and Pastry

Located at the very edge of Brampton (close to Wild Water Kingdom) this is by far the most original roti spot in the city. Located in close proximity to a local golf course, business men and young golfers alike are stuffing their golf bags with doubles and Roti as they hit the links. As soon as you walk into this spot, you will notice frozen house-made frozen prepared meals, West Indian pastries and a delicious lineup of roti. I got a small chicken with slight pepper and I have to say everything was correct with this delicious roti, customer service and tunes. Alima’s has it all!

What’s your favourite Roti in Brampton?

  1. Alima’s Roti and Pastry
  2. Lena’s Roti & Doubles
  3. Brampton Roti Shop
  4. Radica’s Hot & Spicy
  5. Vishnu’s Doubles & Roti Shop
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