Top 5 Restaurants in Industrial Areas in Mississauga


Published October 17, 2017 at 4:11 am


While Mississauga has a ton of excellent restaurants that almost everyone knows and loves, it has few hidden–and we mean really hidden–gems that go unnoticed by drivers and pedestrians because they’re tucked away in quiet industrial complexes unfamiliar to anyone who doesn’t work in the area.

Thankfully, these restos survive by satisfying workers looking for a great lunch.

But why should those workers have all the fun?

Here are five restaurants hidden in industrial or largely commercial complexes that you shouldn’t ignore.

5) Mid-Way’s Restaurant

A restaurant you would only know if you worked around the area, Mid-Way’s restaurant–situated right on Midway Rd. in the 401 and Tomken area–is a big spot that takes up pretty much the entire first floor of the building. Since variety is the spice of life, you’ll be happy to hear that they have it here. They have everything from bacon and eggs to chicken souvlaki to pizza (pies and slices) to spaghetti. So no matter what you’re in the mood for, there’s a good chance this jack-of-all-trades diner has it.

4) Perfect Kitchen

Another one that is hidden (lost in the industrial area by Costco on Dundas) is a place that is popular among the regulars–and for good reason. This place offers great dim sum (and it’s almost never as busy as the nearby Summit Garden) and a reliably tasty dinner menu. Perfect Kitchen, though quaint, is a little fancier in terms of decor. The food here is absolutely delicious, so it’s worth the trip–even if you don’t live in the area. The service is reliably friendly even though the resto tends to get busy and the atmosphere is perfect. 


3) A-One Catering

“Simply the best” is A-One’s slogan and it’s hard to argue that when they have samosas that taste as good as theirs. A-One Catering is located on a side street in an industrial plaza by the airport that you will only find if you’re in the area (or read about it here). These are the best samosas in town and they are made in-house in A-one’s huge kitchen and bakery. They serve veggie, chicken, beef and cheese and all are piping hot and made fresh. The dough is perfectly crispy without being burned and the beef, veggie, chicken and cheese filling is cooked to perfection. The portions are also generous. You can always tell how fresh samosas are by how greasy the brown paper bag is and our bag is always nice and greasy when we leave A-One!


2) Pho Ngoc Yen

No matter what month it is, there’s no food more satisfying or comforting than pho—a signature Vietnamese soup famous for its flavourful broth and hearty toppings. And although most Vietnamese places do pho justice, some produce astounding and exquisite noodle soup (and pork and mango salad and spring rolls, of course) and pair it with an absolutely unforgettable atmosphere. One of those gems is the newly opened Pho Ngoc Yen, a beautifully decorated and stunningly tasty Vietnamese resto that just took shape on Kamato Road in the Tomken and 401 area in Mississauga. As far as food goes, the steaming hot rare beef pho stands up against hearty, delicious soup served in Hanoi. So, too, do the crispy Vietnamese spring rolls, served with delicate, subtle fish sauce. Other commendable dishes include the flavourful and authentic pad Thai—a dish that gets extra points for its spectacular presentation—and the vermicelli with pork. Although this restaurant is hidden, it’s already getting a reputation for being authentic and delicious. You don’t want to miss this one, even if it’s nowhere near your office. 


1) Jessie’s

Jessie’s is a legendary spot that we only just discovered despite the fact that it’s been around since 1981. It’s located in an industrial plaza in the Kennedy and Matheson area and it boasts huge lunchtime lineups, and for good reason. The food is incredible and the owner is a personable guy with a distinctly unique sense of humor that you have to be ready for. When you order a smoked meat sandwich, you watch that meat being sliced and put on rye right in front of your eyes. So, what’s the most popular dish on the chalkboard menu: the chicken souvlaki dinner–and it does not disappoint. This place does not accept debit or credit, so be sure to have cash on you. In fact, the owner’s famous sense of humor emerged when two girls asked if he took debit and he responded by saying, “what’s debit? I have no idea what that is. I don’t know that technology.”

  1. Jessie’s
  2. Pho Ngoc Yen
  3. A-One Catering
  4. Perfect Kitchen
  5. Mid-Way’s Restaurant
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