Restaurants in historic houses in Mississauga

Published August 20, 2015 at 4:44 pm


Mississauga’s history peaks through on the modern city’s landscape.

Mississauga today is home many historic houses which originally served as private family homes or other businesses, but have, over time, become restaurants and pubs.

Here are 5 restaurants in historic houses in Mississauga:

Franklin House, Streetsville, built c1855

Cuchulainn’s Irish Pub
Streetsville, formerly Minerva’s Bower, built c1840

Old Barber House Restaurant

This is no longer a restaurant and will be a recreation centre for a townhouse development. It was the Old Barber House Restaurant until 2017 and was formerly the William Barber House, built c1862.

Culinaria Restaurant, formerly the Elliott House, built c1860

The Wilcox Gastropub, formerly the Willcox House, built c1844


  1. The Wilcox Gastropub
  2. Culinaria Restaurant
  3. The Old Barber House Restaurant
  4. Cuchulainns Irish Pub
  5. The Franklin House
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