Top 5 Restaurants for Complimentary Starters in Mississauga

Published November 4, 2016 at 5:04 am


Are you the type of person to eat the whole basket of bread at a wedding with little care for how others judge you? I sure am. That said, I am always impressed when a restaurant offers me a complimentary appetizer to build up my appetite or – if they’re really good – completely fill me up.

For all those looking for a little something extra from their eatery of choice, here are the top five restaurants for complimentary starters.

5. Five Guys

Five Guys is easily among the best burger joints in Mississauga. Unlike a lot of its competitors that have a fixed menu, at Five Guys you get a quality burger done just the way you like it, with some premium options – grilled mushrooms, grilled onions, barbecue sauce, to name a few. I also love the boxes of peanuts that are available to customers at no charge. When I walked into the store, it wasn’t long before a couple of kids were hovering over one box while their caregiver ordered their food. It’s a great way to chow down before your main meal is made. The environment is super laid back so you can take your time eating one or two baskets of peanuts, or just grab some to go.

4. Michael’s Back Door 

Admittedly, you can go to any Italian restaurant and expect an endless supply of bread. To me, a bread stands out when it complements a well-made bowl of pasta. In Clarkson Village on Lakeshore Rd, you will find Michael’s Back Door Restaurant, home to fine-dining Italian eats and the venue for one of my many embarrassing dining moments. My husband and I visited Michael’s Back Door Restaurant for our anniversary a couple years back, and being so hungry, I quickly devoured the first basket of bread they brought me… and then the second. In all fairness to me, my husband did help a little; besides, I like to think that if the bread with its oil and vinegar hadn’t been super enjoyable, I wouldn’t have devoured it so quickly. Plus, the locally made bread paired beautifully with the creamed lobster pasta; how could I resist? For all those who love to gorge on baskets of bread before and during their fine Italian meal, Michael’s Back Door Restaurant is the place to go.

3. Shish Mahal Indian Cuisine

Shish Mahal Indian Cuisine is found in a business complex on Ridgeway Drive, close to Dundas at the Mississauga/Oakville border. Though small and modest, the space is just a venue for its absolutely delicious Indian eats. What’s noteworthy about Shish Mahal is that the chef makes each dish special for order, completely fresh. It may take awhile for the dish to get to you, but the wait is definitely worthwhile. While you’re waiting, you can feel free to chow down on some complimentary papadum. If you’ve never eaten papadum before, imagine a disc shaped Indian treat that is made of lentil flour and fried so that it is light and crispy, very much like a chip. Shish Mahal’s papadum is particularly flavourful, with the turmeric seeds visible to the eye. It was the perfect precursor to my vegetarian korma, which I enjoyed immensely. For some awesome papadum and other Indian treats, Shish Mahal is an excellent option.

2. Sushi Tei

Located by Creditview and Burnhamthorpe, Sushi Tei is a restaurant known for its incredible sushi and elegant interior. What I love most about Sushi Tei, however, is its unparalleled hospitality. My recent visit is a prime example of such hospitality, which this restaurant is not afraid to show by giving its patrons some extra treats. Although I only ordered six pieces of sushi, the waitress provided me with a number of complimentary delights, including rice tea, miso soup, sprouts and a kimchi concoction. As I was eating my meal, the waitress noticed that I didn’t order much in the way for my baby; after all, he’s just ten months old, not really of age for sushi. She then proceeded to bring out a small dish of egg cooked specifically for my baby, no charge. When my bill was delivered, there was an orange served with it; a healthy treat for the end of a delightful meal. Did I mention that the sushi I ate was simply delightful? If you’ve never been to Sushi Tei before, this restaurant is definitely worth the visit.

1. Seoul House

Although many Korean restaurants are known for their amazing starters, Seoul House is a cut above the rest. Located by Enfield and Kariya Drive, Seoul House is the go-to place if you’re looking to score some excellent apps before your main meal. From Monday to Friday, you can find the staples: kimchi and sprouts served with two other small dishes. If you visit on the weekend, however, you will find one additional item is served. It’s a small bowl of anchovies and peanuts doused in a honey sauce. It is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before and wonderfully delicious. Can’t get enough of these delicious apps, ask for more. The waitress will surely oblige your growling tummy as you wait for your main meal, and even during your meal. When I visit Seoul House, I go knowing I will enjoy the starters as much as I do my main and to a lady that routinely eats the entire bread basket with little shame, that means a lot.

  1. Seoul House
  2. Tomo Sushi
  3. Shish Mahal
  4. Michael’s Back Door Restaurant
  5. Five Guys Burgers & Fries
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