Top 5 Ramen in Mississauga


Part soup, part noodle bowl, ramen has become a science for some chefs around the world. Finding a steamy, satisfying bowl of ramen has actually become a passion project for many, and we've compiled a list of the top five places to get a great bowl of ramen in Mississauga.5) SukiYaki

Located in the Dixie Outlet Mall food court SukiYaki offers ramen at a low price and in a convenient location. Their service is impressive, giving the customer the choice of toppings, from bean sprouts to cilantro; you're in control of what goes on top of your ramen. While it might not be the best quality, it's a perfectly fine bowl of ramen for a quick bite while shopping.

4) Owl of Minerva

Owl of Minerva gets bonus points for being open 24 hours! Their Korean-style ramen comes to the table steaming hot, you can literally see the broth boiling! Their noodles are instant, but they make up for that with their spicy broth. Owl of Minerva is the perfect option for those late night owl ramen cravings.

3) K Pocha

Open for dinner seven days a week, K Pocha is located in a strip mall off of Dundas Street East. The atmosphere if very welcoming, and if you manage to score a booth it becomes a great spot for date-night. Their Korean-style ramen is tasty, and it is offered at a decent price.

2) Miga

Miga may be known for their Korean and Japanese BBQ, but their ramen should be on everyone's radar as well. The Shoyu ramen is available on their lunch menu and comes with sweet corn, green onion and roasted pork belly in vegetable broth, plus they give the choice between beef short rib, spicy chicken or spicy pork. They amount of flavour that comes through in their broth makes this an exceptional choice.

1) Kenzo Ramen

Kenzo is known throughout the city for their quality ramen and there is no evidence to the contrary. Their ramen tastes like the real deal, with a flavourful broth and perfectly cooked noodles. Their options are plentiful, with every type of ramen you can think of available on their menu. Kenzo is a must try for any ramen lover in Mississauga.

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