Top 5 Poutine in Mississauga


Published July 8, 2014 at 12:25 pm


There is really nothing more flavourful than a creative and well-made poutine. Unfortunately, there aren’t any poutine-only joints in Mississauga. That said, we do have our fair share of good poutine. Here are the top five poutines in Mississauga:

5 – Smoke’s Poutinerie “Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine”

Smoke’s has been spreading like gravy-coated wildfire across Canada and is even stretching its uniquely Canadian tentacles into the U.S. market. Smoke’s opened their first Mississauga location at Lakeshore and Hurontario in Port Credit back in early 2015. On the menu it’s all poutine and you will find traditional poutine, bacon poutine, pulled pork poutine, perogy poutine, chicken peppercorn poutine, chicken fajita poutine, Nacho Grande poutine, chili cheese chicken poutine, steak stroganoff poutine, Veggie Deluxe poutine and more. 

4 – Burger Legend – “Maple Bacon Poutine”

The new burger place on the block in Streetsville also serves one of the best poutines in Mississauga. We tried the Maple Bacon Poutine. A poutine can sometimes flop due to bad topping combinations, but this combo of fries, gravy, cheese curds and chunks of maple bacon worked perfectly. Just get all those flavours on one fork and you will be thanking me. The fries are freshly cut, double fried in peanut oil and seasoned with sea salt even before all the goodness goes on top of it.

3 – C & Dubbs – “Traditional Poutine”

On the east side of Dundas past Dixie is an old-school burger joint that has been around for about 36 years (although it’s been occupying its current location for nine). C & Dubbs claim to fame was being in the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison in the pickle-racing scene on the windowpanes. The poutine might not look the greatest but the combination of fries and the gravy tasting like you remember as a kid was absolutely delicious.  

 2 – The Wilcox  – “Lobster Poutine”

The Wilcox Gastropub is located on the corner of Hurontario and Eglinton and is situated in the Wilcox House – one of Mississauga’s oldest  Heritage Homes which features Greek and Gothic detailing and was built by Amos and Charles Wilcox in 1850. It boasts an interior that respects the traditional space with new and modern accents that bring the resto to a new level. Executive chef Humberto Sanchez is the creative talent behind the menu who happened to also be a contestant on Chopped Canada. The menu features everything from pork sliders to traditional, lobster and pull pork poutine served in skillets.

1 – Holy Smokez – “Poutine with Pulled Pork”

Holy Smokez is located on Dundas between Tomken and Dixie. It’s a hidden gem that you can miss if you so much as blink while passing it. They just started serving poutine a couple of months ago and the owner said it’s been a hit. We had the pulled pork poutine. As you can see in the picture, they use real cheese curds and they don’t shy away from them! The pulled pork is nice and hot and freshly made. The fries are triple fried for that extra crisp and flavour. A nice added touch was the BBQ sauce that the owner recommended. Get all the elements into one bite and it’s one of the best poutines around.

  1. Holy Smokez BBQ Sandwiches
  2. The Wilcox Gastropub
  3. C & Dubbs Hamburgers – permanently closed
  4. Burger Legend
  5. Smoke’s Poutinerie – Port Credit
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