Top 5 Places to Work Remotely From in Mississauga

Published February 13, 2017 at 3:51 am


No office? No problem!

Working remotely is becoming a common function in organizations. As we are now able to remain connected via phone, text, email, and video with the touch of a button, going into a traditional office is no longer necessary. Working from a home office is a wonderful luxury, however sometimes you may need a change of scenario (or perhaps an escape from home distractions). If this is the case, Mississauga offers many spots where you can get a table to work, ensure a suitable noise environment, access free Wi-Fi, charge your devices, and stay warm. Do keep in mind though that free Wi-Fi locations do not necessary offer secure networks.

Here are the top five places to go to work remotely (in no particular order):

5) Mississauga Central Library, Branch Libraries

Libraries are instinctually amongst the first place one thinks of to work when away from their home/work office. You can find your own nook and there is guaranteed wall outlets and internet connection. Interestingly, libraries are no longer the hush-hush place of the past. People are now welcomed to talk at regular tones (and on their phones) and children enjoy organized activities. If you do not enjoy the background noise, each library has designated study sections/floors where you will be able to escape.

4) Mississauga Community Centres

With some exploration within, a community centre (C.C.) will have many spots that you can work ranging from quiet to noisy (for those that enjoy background chatter/white noise). Free Wi-Fi and wall outlets are available throughout the building, and there is the added benefit of opening early (6:30am for some locations) and closing late (10:00pm for some locations).

Here is a list of local community centres: Burnhamthorpe C.C., Carmen Corbasson C.C., Clarkson C.C., Erin Meadows C.C, Frank McKechnie C.C., Huron Park C.C., Meadowvale C.C., Mississauga Valley C.C., River Grove C.C., and South Common C.C.

3) Mississauga City Hall

City Hall is a beautiful building that offers free Wi-Fi for visitors. With a walk around of the publicly accessible places, you should be able to find a place to work. There is also the C Cafe within that offers seating. Wall outlets may be rare though, so this location is best for short work durations (i.e. life of your laptop battery).

2) Local Coffee Shop

Pretty much all coffee and tea shops now offer complimentary Wi-Fi. It is best to scout the tables for one close to a wall outlet upon arrival. Generally shops do not mind if you stay working for hours, however it would be ideal to make a small purchase (coffee or doughnut) to support the local business. Depending on the shop and location, it can get loud and busy during peak rush hours, but some locations can also be very quiet. Most shops play music or a radio station over the sound system. The great thing about working at coffee shops is that you can generally find them aplenty, and some are open 24-hours for when you have that project due the next day. As a bonus, many of them have couch seating if you are feeling more relaxed for the day.

Some suggestions? Studio 89, The Cold Pressery, Whole Foods and the 24-hour Starbucks on Hurontario.

1) Fast Food or Dine-In Restaurants

Like coffee shops, nearly all fast food restaurants offer free Wi-Fi. You could work over a meal (or three) and generally stay as long as you want, without having to interrupt your flow of work to search for food. It would be best to find a table off to the side or in the back area so that you are not a mainstay of the constant traffic. This is definitely a location choice for those that enjoy or require background noise/chatter to concentrate.

Some suggestions? The Wilcox Gastropub and Corner by Spoon and Fork.

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