Top 5 Places to Take a Selfie in Mississauga


Published November 11, 2016 at 9:20 pm


Since we’re mid-way through the summer, Mississauga’s many parks, monuments and historical sites are all at the best (despite the constant rain).

While Mississauga may not be home to one of the world’s tallest towers or boast a super-cool sign that showcases our name written in lights, we have some chic, naturesque and straight-up gorgeous hotspots that are perfect for photos.

Since selfies are still hot, here are the top 5 places to take one in Mississauga.

5) The Erin Mills Town Centre Sphere

Sadly, the sphere didn’t get a ton of love when it was unveiled last year. The massive structural centrepiece was part of the mall’s $100 million facelift and although a lot of residents missed the store’s old-school clock tower, it was hard to deny that it was a pretty unique step in terms of EMTC’s aesthetic. The sphere is a modern, contemporary addition to the shopping centre and one that–love it or hate it–started a lot of conversations. Regardless of how you feel about the sphere, it’s an example of edgy design and is perfectly selfie-worthy.

4) Leslie Log House

Leslie Log House is a hugely fun and original selfie location. Built in 1826 (EIGHTEEN TWENTY-SIX, guys!), this extremely vintage setting will add a unique pioneer feel to your otherwise glamorous or modern photos. While Missisauga is boasting a more and more modern look with its evolving condo-dotted skyline, this little piece of history stands out as a throwback to a bygone era. The site also offers ample outdoor space, so you can take advantage of the natural scenery as well as the heritage structure. If you’re into role-playing, you can indeed pose as pioneers. Or lumberjacks. I hear they’re really hot right now.

3) Adamson Estate

If you’re looking for a historical site that’s a little more grand than the modest Leslie Log House, Adamson Estate is a good choice. The estate is a 13.33-acre waterfront park with public gardens and a private but stunning (it belongs to the Cawthra-Adamson Division of the Royal Conservatory of Music) main house that works as an ideal backdrop for a classic and historically minded selfie. It was originally the summer property of the Cawthra family and was built in 1919, so it’ll give your classic photo a little touch of vintage grandeur. It’s the perfect location for local history afficionados and lovers of fine white manors and the walk to get there is lovely.

2) Kariya Park

Kariya Park is located in the core of the City Centre on the south side of Square One on Kariya Drive and is considered one of the nicest and most unique parks in Ontario. It may not be as vast or well-known as Erindale Park or other Lakeshore spaces, but it is truly an oasis away from everything. When you stroll into the Japanese gates, you’ll be transported to a serene Japanese garden that’s truly a standout in the area. The garden was built in honour of Mississauga’s sister city in Japan and specifically designed with aesthetic rhythm and balance in mind. Although cherry blossom season is over, summer is in full and the leaves will be gorgeous in the background of your well-curated selfie.

1) Absolute Marilyn Monroe Towers

Say what you will about the Absolute “Marilyn Monroe” towers in City Centre, the buildings are objectively stunning and arguably the city’s most notable landmarks (even though they’re a relatively recent addition to Mississauga’s landscape). The internationally-renowned towers are probably the city’s most famous buildings (perhaps as well-known as Square One) and for good reason–parking and elevator woes aside, they’re stylish, creative and iconic. Modern and sleek, the curvaceous condos are ideal for the selfie that screams, “I’m in Mississauga and I’m proud!”

  1. Absolutel Marilyn Monroe Towers
  2. Kariya Park
  3. Adamson Estate
  4. Leslie Log House
  5. Erin Mills Town Centre
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