Top 5 Places to Get Tea in Brampton

Published September 7, 2018 at 11:25 pm

Ah, tea – the most comforting beverage in the world, regardless of the season.

I’m an avid tea drinker, and I drink every kind of tea, from oolong, to green, to white, to black, to bubble, and beyond. There are a million and two different kinds of tea in the world, and here in Brampton, we’re lucky to have a handful of places that serve a really good cuppa.

Whether you’re looking for high tea, bubble tea, or just a straight up mug of black tea, here are the Top 5 places to get tea in Brampton.

5) Bean & Pearl

Bean & Pearl is in a plaza at Creditview and Sandalwood, and it opened in 2017. If you’re looking for bubble tea, this is the best spot in Brampton to get some. This family-run bubble tea joint goes all out with their bubble tea. You can get classics like jasmine green tea, honeydew, hokkaido, taro, and mango, or try their featured flavours like cookies and cream, cheesecake, or red bean, and you can choose how sweet you want your drink and how cold you want it. You can even choose from a bunch of toppings, including tapioca, cheese milk foam, and panna cotta. They have a darling seating area that’s good for catching up with friends or perhaps getting some work done (though it’s a little loud there), and the service is extremely kind to boot. Their bubble tea is straight up delicious! And, you can get a great pic for the ‘gram.

4) The Amazing Tea Company

The Amazing Tea Company truly is amazing – they sell over 130 different kinds of loose leaf tea from their spot in the Shoppers World food court. The grab-and-go shop serves both hot and iced teas at its tea bar, offering such unique tea concoctions as hot Grenada vanilla chai, calming lemon balm, China gunpowder, Brampton masala chai, and creamy butter truffle. Tea tins, tea infusers, and everything you could possibly dream of that’s tea-related is available here, so try not to get overwhelmed. Whether you’re a tea-expert or a tea-beginner, you’re bound to find a tea you like here because of the sheer number of options. The Brampton masala chai is a must-try (yes, because it has Brampton in its name!) – it has hints of cardamom and ginger. It’s truly tasty and comforting, but it doesn’t rival a traditional Indian masala chai.

3) Green Bites Dumplings & Tea Bar

If you love dumplings, tea, chicken wings, and Asian-inspired dishes, a brand new restaurant just opened in Brampton and you’ll want to check it out ASAP! Green Bites Dumpling & Tea Bar has officially opened its doors at 35 Resolution Drive, in the same plaza as Walmart at Rutherford and Steeles. Green Bites is serving up homemade everything, but its focus is – of course – on dumplings and tea. Here, you’ll find fresh dumplings in a ton of varieties with unique wrappers, meat and vegetarian options included. Tea is a huge highlight on the menu. Green Bites features organic loose leaf tea such as dragon well, spring green, high mountain oolong, wuyishan black, iron Buddha and yunnan pu-er. We tried the iron Buddha and it will definitely keep you coming back for more – this place serves tea traditionally on a wooden block, steeped in a pot, with traditional small cups to boot. Go here for an awesome tea experience, and don’t forget to try the shrimp dumplings.

2) Macaronz

What Macaronz lacks in tea options, it excels at in tea experience. What I mean by that is, while Macaronz in downtown Brampton doesn’t have too many options for tea, it does serve the only high tea in Brampton, which puts it at number two on this list. In terms of tea, Macaronz typically offers a black and a green tea option from the Sloane tea company. Sloane makes very indulgent, flavourful teas, and my personal favourite is the Heavenly Cream. It’s a black tea that’s creamy, floral, and has its own hints of sweetness, perfect with a splash of milk. The high tea experience at Macaronz is really yummy, featuring such finger foods as quiche, scones, eclairs, shortbread cookies, and, of course, macarons! Yum.

1) T by Daniel

T by Daniel recently moved locations from downtown Brampton to Bramalea City Centre (on the second level near Hudson’s Bay) and their new digs are impressive! With a modern and clean look and feel and new menu items like tea-based chocolate bars and FruiTeas, T by Daniel is now one of the hottest spots at BCC. This place boasts a range of tea, from green tea, to black tea, to herbal tea and more, served hot, iced, or ready to take home as loose-leaf. The tea highlight on the menu? Definitely the classic lion chai, which will be sold on its own in a package by the end of 2018, according to Daniel Lewis aka. T by Daniel himself. The tea selection rotates seasonally and with customer demand here – such summer blends as cute-cumber, tea-quila, and even picnic punch have cropped up in summer 2018, and we can’t wait to see what’s next! As for the experience, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the tea selection, which is a huge plus, and there’s a small seating area.

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