Top 5 Places to Get Ribs in Brampton

Published March 3, 2017 at 8:21 pm

Ribfest only happens once a year in Brampton. In the meantime, what’s a person to do when they have a craving for some good ol’ barbecued ribs? Well it’s actually quite easy because the city has many places to choose from.

To make life easier for rib lovers, we’ve put together this handy list of restaurants and BBQ joints that will more than satisfy that craving and leave you licking your fingers in public. Don’t worry, we’re not judging.

Here are the top 5 places for ribs in Brampton:

5) Jake’s Boathouse

Jake’s is a solid location to eat many different foods. Their pork ribs is one of those foods. The ribs are sauc,y but be conscious of the sauce that is paired with the ribs. Jake’s  has a variety of sauces that can be slathered on their pork ribs and the server recommended the sweet chili Thai is pictured above. It wasn’t bad, but an authentic BBQ sauce would have been best. Back to the ribs… They were juicy and filling, but the meat does rely heavily on the sauce for its flavour. As for sides, you can get french fries or baked or mashed potatoes and I do not regret getting the fries. Jake’s Boathouse also gets brownie points for its rib special. Go on a Monday and you can get a whole rack of ribs for the price of a half rack.

  • Regular price full rack of ribs with two sides: $23.99+tax
  • Regular price half rack with two sides: $16.99+tax
  • Monday special full rack with two sides: $17.99+tax

4) JB’s Street Meat

JB’s Street Meat doesn’t look like much on the outside, but they’re not lying when they say “little place, big taste.” The game changes once you step inside and you see their kitchen. It takes up most of the restaurant space and you get to see the smoke masters hard at work pouring lots of love into their food. JB’s ribs are unique from its competitors on this list, as they’re dry and smoky. I love sauce on my ribs so I was a little worried. But the difference is easy to get used to. JB’s has figured out a way to flavour its meat without relying on a sauce or making its ribs fatty and that is a big win. The meat was not greasy and still had enough flavour. Furthermore, the sides were insanely flavourful. The coleslaw was fresh, the French fries were crispy and the two kinds of complimentary gravy were savoury but the chicken gravy is best.

  • Full rack of ribs: $18+tax
  • Half rack of ribs: $13+tax

3) Wally’s on Steeles

Wally’s on Steeles hooked it up with their pork back ribs and wings special. I couldn’t believe the value and the portion size for their meal. On a plate nearly as big as a golf cart tire, they’ll give you a half rack of succulent (albeit not the most tender), ribs, six wings and french fries. Plus a pre-dinner soup and dessert of either ice cream or rice pudding (get the rice pudding!). The ribs themselves needed a knife to cut through. And no I was not trying to cut through the bone, silly. But, the upside is that their cooks managed to get a balance of taste between the meat and sauce. I have a huge appetite and was very full with barely half of my plate touched. I can only imagine the potential food coma for a whole rack of ribs. All in all, Wally’s makes great food, provides phenomenal service and gives you real bang for your buck. Here’s a tip: their specials don’t have consistent days, so call ahead to see if they have their rib and wing special.

  • Regular price full rack: $19.95+tax
  • Rib and Wing special (with soup and dessert): $25+tax

2) Oscar’s Roadhouse

This country roadhouse fits the bill as the place to serve all your rib needs. The pork ribs here were awesome. The meat fell off the bone and the plate was piled high with four different side dishes, which included garden veggies, different variations of potatoes, baked beans and jalapeno corn bread! Be warned: the only way to eat them was with a knife and fork because the meat falls off that easily. The pork ribs on their own were juicy, tender and mighty tasty and were complimented by Oscar’s sweet and tangy housemade BBQ sauce. There’s also the option to get a rib and wing platter. But if you’re a rib aficionado, try to plan a trip to Oscar’s on a Saturday between 2-10 p.m. for their Rib Special, where you can get a full rack for $16.99 or a half for $11.99.

  • Regular price full rack: $22.99+tax
  • Regular price half rack: $16.99+tax
  • Saturday special full rack: $16.99+tax
  • Saturday special half rack: $11.99+tax

1) Lousiana Seafood and Steakhouse

Louisiana Seafood and Steakhouse has the best ribs hands down! They were the tangy, saucy and tender experience I was waiting for. The meat from their Bourbon Street back ribs fell right off the bone and their bourbon sauce makes licking your fingers totally acceptable. The high quality was evident in the meat. In terms of sides, there’s three varieties of  potatoes, french fries, roasted and mashed, to choose from and coleslaw that accompany the ribs. The fries were average and the coleslaw wasn’t a great accompaniment.  Luckily it was all about the ribs that night that’s what won me over. There’s also the option to order wings and ribs for the same price as a full rack.

  • Regular price full rack: $25

  1. Louisiana Seafood and Steakhouse
  2. Oscar’s Roadhouse
  3. Wally’s on Steeles
  4. JB’s Street Meat (CLOSED)
  5. Jake’s Boathouse
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