Top 5 Places to Get Fresh Coffee Beans in Mississauga

Published March 25, 2017 at 1:44 am


Whether you love a freshly brewed coffee during your morning commute, a caffeine fix to survive an all-nighter, or a cuppa joe on the weekend, Mississauga offers some of the finest and most unique blends to satisfy your obsession with coffee.

Here are the top 5 fresh coffee beans found in Mississauga.

5) Espresso Planet

Espresso Planet is a one stop shop for a wide selection of espresso machines, coffee makers, coffee grinders and coffee beans. It is Canada’s largest espresso and coffee in-store exhibition where you’ll find hundreds of espresso and coffee makers on display. In the small section of the store, you’ll find eight types of roasted whole beans to choose from. Barocco, Dallmayr, Lavazza (just to name a few), are some of the blends they sell.  

After you choose the one you want, Espresso Planet will freshly grind your coffee beans at the store in a tightly-sealed package. I tried the Cristoforo Columbo coffee/espresso. It is very strong and bitter on its own, but adding sugar and milk helped to lighten the taste. If you’re a coffee enthusiast that enjoys the modern gadgets that comes with perfecting a cup of coffee, I suggest you go to Espresso Planet for your next coffee maker purchase.

4) Muldoon’s

Muldoon’s hand roasted coffee beans are slow-roasted in small batches to produce a high-quality coffee for customers. Muldoon’s is a supporter of fair trade certified products and it offers a wide variety of whole bean coffees that can be grinded to your specific coffee machine. Some of the popular whole bean coffees are Colombian – Fair Trade Organic and the Flying Scotsman. While selecting my coffee, I was offered a free cup of Columbian coffee. It smelled strong and the taste was quite bitter without milk and sugar. If you’re looking for a strong, potent cup of coffee, the Colombian will satisfy with just one cup.

3) Beanwise

Formerly Cultured Coffee Bean, Beanwise is Canada’s largest online coffee and tea store. Its retail location is in the Heartland area of Mississauga and it’s beautifully decorated with modern furnishings. A nice touch was the tasting bar for customers to try something new before purchasing. Beanwise has something for every type of coffee lover; dark roast, light roast, organic, fair trade, flavoured, and espresso. Every type of coffee sold here is made fresh with high-quality coffee beans. I recommend trying the Café Femenino Peru, it is grown in Peru by a collective of women coffee farmers. It is a medium roast that smells amazing and is rich in taste. It also includes tons of semi-sweet chocolate and caramel.

2) Fairgrounds Café

In the Port Credit region, Fairgrounds Café is an isolated unit hidden from the main intersection of Ogden and Lakeshore West. This café is small and quaint with vintage furnishings. Although the place from the outside isn’t much to look at, the coffee is a must-try. It is the second location for Fairgrounds Café, with the first store located in Etobicoke. Fairgrounds Café offers certified fair trade organic products, which helps communities to improve trading conditions. Upon entering the unit, I was overwhelmed by the smell of fresh coffee beans and the selection to choose from. Each packaged whole bean come from various countries such as Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, and many others. I found the Papua New Guinea coffee to be strong and bitter on its own. I was surprised at how fast I felt the caffeine rush, it was immediate. By the overall ambiance, taste of the variety of coffees, and the friendly staff I can see why this place is a popular spot among Port Credit residents.

1) Java Works

With humble beginnings, Java Works is a family-run establishment that’s been around since 1968. Java Works takes pride in the “fresh from bean to brew” philosophy. The industrial-style facility is open to the public from Monday to Friday. Java Works offers three types of coffee beans, fair trade organic coffee, coffee-flavoured and espresso. There were over 20 different flavoured coffees, each with their unique flavour. From apple pie, mint chocolate chip, and pumpkin pie to their most popular Canadian maple flavour, it’s sweet but not bitter tasting flavoured coffee is a big win that surpasses the quality of many competing coffee bean companies.

  1. Java Works Coffee
  2. Fairground’s Cafe
  3. Beanwise
  4. Muldoon’s Hand Roasted Coffee Office
  5. Espresso Planet
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