Top 5 Places to Get Cookies in Mississauga

Published November 30, 2016 at 2:14 pm


I love cookies. They can be soft, crunchy, big, small and there’s so many flavours to choose from. They’re a delicious treat and I totally understand where Cookie Monster is coming from. That’s why I ventured to bakeries in Mississauga to find the top spots where you can find this scrumptious delight.5) Nova Bakery

This busy Portuguese bakery located at Cawthra Road and Burnhamthorpe Road has a lot of delicious pastries including cookies. Complete with a seating area and fast service, Nova’s is a good spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their cookies are huge and cheap at $0.40 each but they don’t offer many flavours. I tried the chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. Both were kind of hard and lacking sweetness. If you’re looking for traditional cookie flavours then Nova’s is a good place to indulge.

 4) Truscott Italian Bakery

Truscott in Clarkson is a great spot to find all your bakery cravings including cookies. Their fresh baked goodies include bread, cakes, tiramisu and more. In their display case, they didn’t have many cookies to choose from but they do sell packaged cookies in bulk. I tried their flower power sugar cookie complete with candy on top.  It was soft and tasted like a standard sugar cookie. Overall, the cookie was simple but satisfied my cookie quest. 


3) Diana Pasticceria & Coffee        

This hidden gem has so many cookie varieties I didn’t know where to start. Besides cookies, this Italian bakery located at Eglinton Avenue and Tomken Road offers cakes, bread and other pastries. I chose to try one of their almond cookies and was pleasantly surprised. It was soft, chewy and full of almond goodness. This bakery does charge for treats by the pound so keep that in mind before you go into a cookie coma.

 2) Archtop Café and Music

This café is known for its vinyl collection but their cookies shouldn’t be underestimated. Located in Port Credit, Archtop has been around for almost two years and knows how to bake cookies. Even though they don’t offer many cookie flavours, the chocolate chip cookies are divine. They’re sweet and soft with a little bit of a crunch, offering a delicious combination. The cookies are on the pricier side at $2.25 a pop, but with their big size and generous chocolate chip ratio, they’re worth it.

 1) Kate’s Town Talk Bakery

Can’t go wrong with this quaint spot in the heart of Streetsville. At the corner of Queen Street South and Pearl Street, this bakery has cookies, cookies and more cookies. Once you walk in, the aroma of fresh baked goods excites your taste buds and the sight of their many pastries makes you want to try them all. For under $1 each, I tried the chocolate chip skor and peanut butter kiss cookies. Both were soft, a good size and flavourful. The skor wasn’t too chewy either which was a plus. Even though butter tarts are Kate’s top seller, their cookies won’t leave you disappointed.


  1. Kate’s Town Talk Bakery
  2. Archtop Café & Music
  3. Diana Pasticceria & Coffee
  4. Truscott Italian Bakery
  5. Nova Pastry & Bakery
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