Top 5 Places to Get a Smoothie in Brampton

Published March 24, 2018 at 3:30 am

So, you’re looking to blend all of your fruits and veggies together and slurp them down instead of chew them! It’s true that nutrients are often better in liquid form. 

You can just throw in cups and cups of greens, which would take hours to chew, and have them injecting your body with boundless energy and vitality in no time.

There are a handful of places you can get a delicious and nutritious smoothie in Brampton, but some places do smoothies better than others. 

Here are the top five places to get a smoothie in Brampton:

5) Kin-Kin Bubble Tea & Bakery

Shoppers World mall is a relic in Brampton and it’s also home to one of the best little bubble tea joints in the city – Kin-Kin! Kin-Kin makes real fruit slushes, smoothies, and milkshakes in such awesome flavours as avocado mango, mango passionfruit, strawberry banana, pineapple, and more. It’s $5.29 for a large so you can load up on your fruits, throw in some tapioca to make it interesting, and you even have the option of shaking up your shake with some ice cream. The strawberry banana smoothie is delicious, though it’s a little on the sweeter side. For the adventurous smoothie-seekers, check out Kin-Kin. And don’t forget to grab a chicken bun or a coconut dome.

4) T by Daniel

T by Daniel recently moved locations from downtown Brampton to Bramalea City Centre (on the second level near Hudson’s Bay) and their new digs are impressive! With a modern and clean look and feel and new menu items like tea-based chocolate bars and FruiTeas, T by Daniel is one of the hottest spots at BCC. Now, if you’re looking for smoothies, hit up T by Daniel for one of their brand new FruiTeas – tea-infused, real fruit smoothies, just in time for warmer weather! Right now, you can get mango, pineapple, or strawberry banana. I went for the mango, which is a mango puree infused with the popular Night in Rio steeped tea. Go on, try your smoothie and your tea a little differently…together! And the lion chai macarons are mouthwatering – had to get one. 

3) Real Fruit

Pineapple, honeydew, strawberry, blueberry, papaya, banana, pina colada, avocado, and even durian – Real Fruit has two locations in Brampton (BCC and Shoppers World) and they’re packing some delicious and unique smoothies. If you’re looking for a fresh-tasting, healthy smoothie for any occassion, hit up Real Fruit for one of those smoothies listed above. There’s a decent seating area at either location, so you can enjoy your smoothie in-store, during a stroll through the mall, or even a stroll outdoors. What’s better than a real fruit smoothie under the sun, anyway? For their size and taste, these smoothies are worth your buck, at $7.49 for a large, $6.49 for a medium, and $5.49 for a small.

2) Real & Yummy Juice

Okay, we need to talk about Real & Yummy Juice. Hidden away in a plaza on Mountainash Rd., this little juice joint is packing a big punch. Winning on variety and flavour, Real & Yummy Juice is real and yummy for sure. They have soursop smoothies! You can get a soursop and other fruit smoothie, like soursop and mango, banana, pineapple, strawberry, passionfruit, or jackfruit. You can also get interesting combinations like mango blueberry, mango banana, jackfruit banana, pina colada, or mango papaya. But back to the soursop – soursop should always go in smoothies! The soursop in this mango smoothie gave it a unique kick. It tasted homemade and tropical at the same time. And, all of the real fruit smoothies here are made with sugarcane juice, and you can choose whether or not you want condensed milk in them, too. YUM.

1) Trish Juice

Ah, Trish Juice – the healthiest juice bar in Brampton. And, admittedly, one of my favourite places in Brampton. Located on Queen St. in downtown Brampton, Trish Juice serves fresh juice, milkshakes, bubble tea, smoothies, wraps, avocado toast, and much, much more. From the tables to the smoothies, everything here is clean and fresh. As for smoothies, Trish Juice has almost 10 pre-set smoothie concoctions that you can modify to your liking. Try the Cuban with pineapple, mango, orange, lemon, honey, coconut milk, and mint for a tropical flavour, or be like me and get the Coco Green with mango, banana, kale, spinach, orange, and coconut milk so you get your greens! Want to feel even healthier? Knock back a wheatgrass shot while you’re there and down some avo toast loaded with sprouts. Always delicious, always healthy, and always reasonably prices at $6 for a medium smoothie and $7 for a large. Or, you can get a smoothie bowl and eat your smoothie instead!

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