Top 5 Places to Eat Under $5 in Brampton

Published December 24, 2018 at 3:24 am

As you may have noticed by the way I parade around Btown, I am a baller. When I am not jet setting my way across Dubai and Qatar, I am hitting the streets of Btown finding you the best bang for your buck, whether it be take out or dine in.

Without further delay, here are the top five places to eat on a Budget in Btown.

5. Jamaica House

My uncle is Chinese Jamaican, so when I told him I writing an article on cheap eats in Brampton, he recommended Jamaica House. I stopped by and grabbed the $4 (tax in special) of jerk chicken and rice with peas with oxtail gravy and coleslaw. The jerk chicken is legit, it’s cooked in a drum on over cherry wood like it is back in Jamaica. While the atmosphere consisted of some tables and chairs that have seen better days and a news broadcast on Buju Banton’s cocaine conviction, the food was amazing.

Average lunch price: $5

4. Indian Food Land

In high school, I was in love with a girl named Gurpreet. She was everything I wanted in a girl, beauty, brains and loved Monday night Raw just as much as I did. I tell you, if my Indian food game was as tight then as it was now, she would not have run off and married Rajinder. Needless to say, I know my Thali meals now and what Indian Food land has going on is top notch. A grocery store with a small hot table, the food (all vegetarian) is good and fresh, which is not always the case with hot tables. For under the price of “chicken nugget combo” at Dirty Ronnies I picked up three curries, Rice, sweets, yogurt and hot buttered Naan!

Average lunch price: $5

3. Oceans

Ah Oceans, the happiest place on Earth! This Asian market with two locations in Btown is where I get my fish game on as well the place I stuff my fat face with a massive amount of grub on the cheap. The combo game here is tight at $6.99 and you get a choice of two hot dishes along with rice or noodles with a soup. Ask any player worth his skin, it’s enough for two people. If you want to class it up a little in front of your lady, grab some sushi as well, there is always one kind of sushi on sale. It could be spicy tuna rolls for $2.99 or eight pieces of another roll for under five bones!

Average lunch price: $4

2. Get Grill

This has to be the best kept secret in all of Peel region, much less Brampton. This place serves up wraps (and other dishes) native to Nigeria with a small Asian twist. This place is so delicious the squad and I travel all the way up from 5/10 (That’s Hurontario and Dundas for those not in ‘Sauga) to have the food here because it is so original. Every day there is a special and one day the special was a “shombo” wrap. This wrap packs some heat, with a sweet and sour taste as well. There are a lot of of complex flavours going on with this wrap and it is truly amazing.

Average lunch price: $5

1) Radica’s Hot and Spicy Doubles

Last week I was texting with my side chick Nicki Minaj and I told her after she leaves that clown Meek Mills, I am going to take her to Radica’s Hot and Spicy for the lunch specials. That is how much I love this and the weekday deals they have going on. Check out the boneless goat roti, it’s not a damn baby roti, it’s a full size delicious roti with medium pepper for $4.99! They also have bone in goat or bone in chicken for $3.99! The doubles are amazing as well and the buffet is open on weekends. Make sure you hit this place up!

Average lunch price: $3.99

  1. Radica’s Hot & Spicy
  2. Get Grill
  3. Oceans Fresh Market
  4. Indian Food Land
  5. Jamaica House Kitchen
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