Top 5 Places to Eat in Malton


Published June 17, 2015 at 3:50 am


Malton is a place no one visits unless they live or work there, but that’s changed for me since discovering some of the food gems past Pearson. Most people know Malton for the airport, but there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to dining. There’s actually is a lot to eat around the old “home of the Avro Arrow,” so check out some great ethnic restaurants and old-school diners before hoping on a flight to Cuba. 

Here are the top 5 you should try in Malton:

5 – Bamiyan Kabob 

This place is a household name for anyone who enjoys Afghan food, as it has many locations all over the city. The two Mississauga locations maintain the same quality as their Toronto counterparts. There’s always a line-up at the counter, as every item on the menu is delicious! The service is fast, the atmosphere is fairly lively due to its popularity and the portions are generous. The prices range from $9 – $12, and the dinners include rice, salad and naan — which is standard for Afghan meals. You are guaranteed to leave very full and very satisfied! 

4 – Lykn Chicken
(Fried to Jerk Chicken)

Located in Malton (as mentioned in the huge trellis that you pass under on Airport Road) is Lykn Chicken. Yeah, it took me a second to figure out the name! This place has seating for one business party of six and that place was taken when I visited — so prepare to take your food to go. All the fried chickens are made to order, so expect to wait a few minutes. When you get your food, you will be glad you did. You know when fried chicken is so fresh out of the fryer that it’s too hot to even touch? That’s what this was. Once it cools down and you crunch down on your first bite, you get a mouthful of crispy skin and tender, juicy chicken. It was absolutely delicious and it was the best deal out of all of them with two pieces plus two sides for $5.95. Make sure to get their hot sauce as well. I’m slowly starting to see that sometimes it’s worth the drive to Malton.

3 – Mr Jerk
(Jerk Chicken)

Is it worth the drive to Malton? For Mr. Jerk it most certainly is. If you punched a wall hard enough, this is the place you would get. No frills, no debit, no seats — just the best jerk chicken in Mississauga. Try to get there a bit earlier than noon, as the lunch crowd will create a line. Mr. Jerk also has chicken, pork, oxtail and much more on the menu. Oddly enough, you might get asked to work like I did. I had to help the lady behind the cash bring some boxes from the freezer. Fortunately, I would do anything for the best jerk chicken in the city.


2 – Asian Wok’n’Roll

Another staple of Malton is Asian Wok’n’Roll. This den of spicy Hakka food is absolutely delicious and is the first place I have every tried Hakka Chinese food and it is still one of my favorites. For those that are unfamiliar with Hakka Chinese, it is essentially hot and spicy Chinese food that South Asian’s tend to crave and I am full on addicted to it.  Whenever I go, I get either Hakka fried rice, Manchurian Shrimp, Lollipop chick or crispy beef.  Take-away and the lunch specials are extremely popular here, so be prepared for a little bit of, but I assure you, it’s well worth it.

1 – Zet’s Restaurant
(Traditional diner)

The first thought to my mind when seeing Zet’s and it’s ‘Open 24 HR’ sign is to keep driving. The exterior definitely doesn’t do this greasy spoon any justice but with over 40 years under its belt, this family run business must be doing something right. Located on Dixon Rd. right by Mississauga’s airport, this spot has a loyal following of diners from local businesses and airport staff. Zet’s predominant meat menu has Souvlaki, charbroiled burgers, chicken, peameal sandwiches, gyros and is also known for their all day breakfast. The $7.95 breakfast special comes with 2 eggs, a choice of bacon, ham or sausage, home fries and toast but if you’re really hungry you can opt for the 10oz. New York Steak & Eggs. You will also find a Polish sausage and egg breakfast as well as a peameal bacon and egg sandwich and a number of other options.


  1. Zet’s
  2. Asian Wok N Roll – Airport
  3. Mr Jerk
  4. Lykn Chicken
  5. Bamiyan Kabob – Malton
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