Top 5 Places to Buy Cheese in Mississauga


Published December 14, 2015 at 3:02 pm


If there’s anyone on earth who doesn’t like cheese, regard him or her with great suspicion. Cheese is succulent, versatile and satisfying. An affordable slice of cheddar can complete a burger and a moist, soft ball of $15-20 burrata can wow guests at a swanky cocktail party. If you’re hosting a gathering this holiday season, you can please your guests with simple but creative charcuterie platters that feature sharp cheddars, mild mozzarellas, spicy jalapeno Havarti’s, tart bleus and soft, melt-in-your-mouth ricottas. 

If you want to put together the perfect charcuterie board, try these Mississauga delis. 

5) Massimo’s Fine Meats

Shops that sell cheese exclusively are rare in Mississauga, but that’s not terribly unfortunate. If you’re looking to create a charcuterie board that’s as heavy on fresh meats as it is on fine cheese, Massimo’s Fine Meats is a worthwhile stop. The west-end deli, located on Winston Churchill near Dundas, offers a fantastic variety of hard, medium and soft cheeses and a plethora of fine meats. You can grab spicy pork sausages, lamb chops, Brie, bleu cheese, olive oil, bread and espresso beans. There’s nothing warmer or simpler than soft, double cream Brie melted on a baguette with olive oil drizzled on top. 

4) Elmwood Meat Market and Delicatessen

If you’re into natural and organic meat and dairy, you might want to check out this chic Port Credit gem. While the store is more known for its meat selection, it boasts an impressive array of fine cheeses produced by both local and international suppliers. If you’re looking to pick up some French Camembert and exquisite local goat cheese, this place is more than worth a visit. Pro tip: If you’re making eggs benedict over the holidays, swap out peameal bacon for some goat cheese and spinach. The taste and texture are mind-blowing. 

3) Eddie’s Market

Eddie’s Meat Market and European Delicatessen is popular amongst the city’s sizeable Polish community and offers shoppers Ontario-grown, hormone and antibiotic free meats, fresh produce and rich cheeses. This Dundas East-area deli is more known for its imported cheeses, so it’s perfect if you want a little taste of European dairy. If you’re entertaining any time soon, you might also want to check out their vast catering menu. While we always encourage you to curate your own cheese selection, we can forgive you for getting a little hosting help from your friends at Eddie’s. 

2) Triple A Cheese

If you’re looking to create a Mediterranean platter, you’re going to need some rich, crumbly feta cheese (along with pita, hummus, tzatziki, olives and baba ghanoush). If you’re interested in extremely fresh and varied feta (hard, soft, crumbled or Macedonian), you might want to call Triple A Cheese, a Torbram road-based feta manufacturer that specializes in the tart, salty cheese that elevates every Greek salad from “meh” to “yes!” 

1) Aurora Meat and Cheese

This Dixie Road deli is spacious, chic and absolutely full of delicious and exquisite domestic and imported cheeses. If you want to treat guests (or just yourself, if you’re feeling luxuriously gluttonous) to a wide selection of cheeses, you can actually order a pre-made cheese platter made up of selected gourmet and premium products. Some cheeses you can enjoy? Medium and marble cheddar, Havarti, Swiss, provolone, Edam and more. You can also purchase meats, Panini’s and antipasto platters. 


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