Top 5 Places to Buy Bread in Brampton

Published December 2, 2017 at 4:23 am

So, you’re done with that pre-packaged grocery store bread and you’re looking to level up your bread game! 

You’ve come to the right place.

Bread is such a versatile and delicious way to get your carbs in. You can dip it in soup, smear it with hummus, butter, or even Nutella, and make epic sandwich creations with it. Whether you like your bread sweet, garlic-y, in bun-form, in loaf-form, baked with raisins or sesame seeds, or beyond, there are quite a few places you can get a good, fresh loaf of bread right here in Brampton.

If you’re looking for the perfect pumpernickel or a solid sourdough, there’s a spot right here in good ol’ B-town to get it. 

Here are the top five places to buy bread in Brampton: 

5) Lisboa Bakery

Lisboa Bakery’s Brampton location (they have a larger Mississauga location) might be in a slightly hidden and out of the way location on Clarence near Kennedy, but they bake fresh bread, and it’s a good grab-and-go spot, whether you’re stopping by for a quick sandwich for lunch or to pick up some pastries. This place has a decent stock of bread baked in-house, whether you’re looking for fresh — not pre-packaged — white or whole wheat bread (sorry, Wonder bread), a soft dinner roll, or a loaf like sourdough or corn bread. Definitely stop by Lisboa if you get a chance, you’ll thank yourself later.

4) Golden Grains

Located in a plaza on Main near English St. just outside of downtown Brampton, Golden Grains is a no-frills Brampton classic. Nothing fancy here — there’s a small seating area to enjoy your findings at this (I’m warning you that this list is heavy on Portuguese bakeries — what can I say, Brampton has some Portuguese gems!) Portuguese bakery, deli, and cafe, that also carries a few grocery items. It’s a fun place to browse whether or not you’re Portuguese, but the bread will keep you coming back. Golden Grains (incase the name of the shop wasn’t a dead giveaway!) bakes golden grains at the back of the shop in-house. Here, you’ll find a nice, wide variety of loaves to choose from, including small or large buns, baguettes, sliced bread for toasting, rye, and corn bread. They’re lacking on the sourdough, but we’ll give them a pass for an otherwise large and fresh variety!

3) Nova Grill & Bakery

Nova is an incredible Portuguese bakery that bakes fresh bread alongside indulgent pastries. It’s a great place to stop by if you’re looking for staple breads, like baguettes, buns, dinner rolls, and even sandwich bread. Nova also carries a really tasty egg bread (spread jam on it — it’s the perfect snack!), corn bread, and some traditional Portuguese sourdough. But that’s not all — this place has some of the best custard tarts in town, they cook up a mean soup, and they have ample seating space to enjoy your goodies. Nova is also conveniently located on Main in downtown Brampton, near Church St. So, load up on bread and don’t forget to grab some meat and cheese to go. 

2) Traditional Taste

Quality European baked goods are what you’ll find here! Located at McLaughlin and Queen, Traditional Taste will hit the spot for most of your Portuguese-style pastry needs. Whether it’s a coffee, a custard tart, or both that you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to pop by here if you’ve never been. The shop isn’t very large — there’s a slightly larger and more stocked location in Georgetown — but there’s ample space to tuck in and enjoy a hearty sandwich. Or, you know, an entire loaf of bread to yourself. Baked fresh daily, you’ll find a decent range of doughy goodness at Traditional Taste, including corn bread, french bread, hearty 12-grain bread, staples like whole wheat and white, and even a nice, dark rye. From Sunday-Friday (closed on Saturdays!), all of the fresh bread comes out of the oven bright and early at 8 a.m., so get there early to grab a loaf while it’s warm. 

1) The Grainery

The Grainery near Kennedy and Clarence is amazing for a lot of reasons — they have baked goods, hearty soups, cheese, meat, and more. But the best part about The Grainery is their bread, which they’re known for. There’s a large window along one wall that gives you a sneak peek into where the magic happens, a.k.a. where the bread is baked fresh. The Grainery has a huge variety of bread, from sesame and onion buns, to rolls, to sweet buns, goodhearth bread, flax bread, crusty bread, marble rye, zucchini bread, pumpernickel, bagels, hot dog and sub buns, and everything inbetween. It’s bread on bread on bread here. You’re bound to find whatever kind of bread tickles your fancy at The Grainery, and it’s all fresh, all the time. Even better, you can grab a ton of other delicious baked goods on your way out — basically, you’ll come for a loaf of bread and leave with pastries you hadn’t planned for. This place wins on variety and quality, and they’ve been around since 1982 so you know they’re doing something right!

Cover photo courtesy of Traditional Taste Bakery & Cafe

  1. Traditional Taste Bakery & Cafe
  2. Grainery Bakery & Deli
  3. Nova Grill & Bakery
  4. Golden Grains Bakery Cafe and Deli
  5. Lisboa Bakery & Deli
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