Top 5 Places for Seafood in Mississauga


Published August 6, 2015 at 6:40 pm


Sometimes you feel like seafood and Mississauga has its share of good places. Although seafood has a reputation for being pricy, some joints on this list are casual and moderately priced — so you don’t have to dress up only to end the night with your fingers smelling like crab meat. If you do want to do it up, we’ve got some high-end gems on here, too.

Here are the top five places to get seafood in Mississauga:

Walkers Wine Bar & Grill (CLOSED)

Walkers Wine Bar & Grill (formerly known as Walkers Fish Market) is a seafood restaurant popular for its fish and chips and vast fresh seafood menu. The restaurant is located in the Mississauga Home and Design Centre on Dundas St. and Winston Churchill, so if you’ve never been to this plaza, you probably don’t know that this restaurant exists.  I was greeted with a smile and seated immediately. Both the host and server mentioned that the fish and chips were popular, so I tried those and the lobster tail (shown below). The lobster tail was very flavourful even without the hot butter and I would definitely have it again. Their fish and chips tasted really good but the portion size was a bit underwhelming for the price point. Fortunately the lobster made up for it.

Must Try: Lobster Tail Dinner


Aristotles Fine Dining has been a Mississauga staple for over 20 years, specializing in steak and seafood. It’s the epitome of old-school fine dining with dim lighting, waiters decked out in formal black and white uniforms, Greek-inspired statues and large Greek columns. The resto also boasts a soft instrumental soundtrack.

The menu includes a wide variety of steak and seafood options, including Oysters Rockefeller, scallops, shrimp, lobster tail, crab legs, filet mignon and seafood platters.

We started with complimentary olives and pickles and a basket of crispy, butter soaked garlic bread that I will without a doubt have future cravings for.

We tried the Fisherman’s Plate, which included lobster tail, shrimp scampi, scallops, crab legs, long grain rice, broccoli and carrots. The dish is meant to serve one person, but it can easily serve two. The up-sized version of the Fisherman’s Plate contains the same elements plus filet mignon and is called Aristotle’s Platter for Two. My suggestion is to go hungry. Maybe visit after an intense HIIT workout session or for dinner on a day you skip breakfast and lunch.

Must Try: Fisherman’s Plate


Lucy’s Seafood Restaurant — the original resto that has been around for 18 years — is located on Millcreek and conveniently situated across the street from the Meadowvale GO station.  There’s both a dining room and bar area, so you can linger over a sit-down meal or enjoy a more casual lunch or dinner in the bar and oyster bar section. The menu has everything from Lucy’s coconut shrimp (which was delicious) to wild caught Atlantic swordfish to (of course) lobster. We had the Lobster & King Crab Combo and the Lucy’s Favourites Platter for Two with deep-fried calamari, coconut shrimp, house smoked salmon and lobster avocado cocktail. The lobster was very flavourful and cooked perfectly and the crab (once we broke the shell) was ohhh so good!

Must Try:
  Lobster & King Crab Combo

Topiary’s (CLOSED)

This place is fancy and the price will reflect that. Topiary’s Steak and Seafood restaurant is located near Pearson Airport and is an upscale resto geared towards fancy date nights and corporate events, parties and ballers. It’s known for its classic decor (stained glass, deep greens, original and Victorian-themed art) and delicious complimentary appetizers — feta, dill pickles, olives and bread seemingly birthed from a womb of copious garlic butter. We had the seafood platter for two that can very well feed four people. It came with eight giant scallops, two giant shrimp, two lobster tails, two filet mignons and two king crabs (as seen below). Unlike some other fine dining establishments, the portions are extremely generous, so beware of glutting yourself on garlic bread and feta. You won’t have room for your steak or dozens of scallops if you do.  

Must try: The Seafood Dinner for Two

Blue Lagoon

They have live Alaskan king crab and eel swimming right in the aquarium for you to select and eat!  Located at the Chinese Centre on Dundas Street is Blue Lagoon Seafood Master (you gotta love that name!), a higher-end Chinese food restaurant. As you walk in, you are greeted by a wall full of sea creatures that are at your disposal to eat fresh. You will see everything from huge Alaskan king crabs to lobsters to eel to fresh fish swimming in blue tanks. This place is absolutely massive and can easily seat 250 people. There are four huge projection screens that teach diners how to properly cook Chinese food. We tried the set dinner for two which came with braised blue lagoon soup, eel that was freshly skinned for us minutes before, deep-fried lobster Hong Kong-style, oysters, lobster soup, fish soup and dessert for $98. Although this dinner was made for two, it could have easily fed three. This place is a bit on the pricey side, but the food is very high-quality and flavourful. The dim sum is costly as well, but the menu items are a little higher-end. As you can tell by the name, this place does specialize in seafood but does have some traditional non-seafood dishes like Peking duck and sweet and sour pork. 

Must Try: Deep Fried Hong Kong -Style Lobster 





  1. Blue Lagoon Seafood Master
  2. Topiary’s Steak & Seafood (CLOSED)
  3. Lucy’s Seafood
  4. Aristotle’s Steak & Seafood House
  5. Walkers Wine Bar and Grill (CLOSED)
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