Top 5 Places for Hot Chocolate in Mississauga

Published March 31, 2018 at 7:44 pm


My calendar tells me it’s spring, but it still feels like frigid winter most days.  For this reason, it is my pleasure to bring you a top five to warm your ice cold hands during what I hope is the final few weeks of freezing.

Without further hesitation, here are the top spots to pick up a hot chocolate in Mississauga.  

5)  Fair Grounds Organic Café & Roastery

When you drive up to Fair Grounds Organic Café & Roastery, you will certainly wonder if you have truly arrived. Located in what appears to be a garage, Fair Grounds Organic Café & Roastery boasts the best aroma of any place I visited for this Top 5. Fair Grounds roasts their own beans on site and offers a huge selection of options for the coffee lover. The hot chocolate at Fair Grounds was simple: cacao, milk, with your own choice of sweetening. A perfect place to bring kids for a guilt-free cup of cocoa.  

4. Richtree Natural Market Restaurant

Located in the lower level of Square One, Richtree has been serving up fresh food made from fresh ingredients for many, many years. Known particularly for its a-la-carte theme and delicious baked goods, Richtree is also a strong choice for its grab-and-go hot beverages. Their hot chocolate is an house-made blend of cocoa powder and icing sugar, and—though simply presented—is a satisfyingly sweet treat, perfect while shopping.

3. Archtop Music Bistro

Archtop Music Bistro is certainly among the liveliest place on this list. Serving as both an eatery and record store, Archtop gives you the best of two worlds. Its cozy, casual, rock-and-roll vibe is a breath of fresh air amidst the ultra-contemporary feel of most cafes and restaurants in the scene. The workers are beyond friendly, knowing their regulars by name and greeting them with a warm welcome; so too are the customers who seem more like a close-knit group of friends than a few patrons grabbing a quick drink or bite. As for the hot chocolate, it is light and creamy, perfect for those who enjoy that sans-sugar feel. A gem in the heart of Port Credit, Archtop is a go-to place for gourmet beverages if you’re in area.   

2. The Cold Pressery

Just minutes from Square One, the Cold Pressery serves up some of the best health conscious options around town. To be honest, I have always associated hot chocolate as best served with conventional forms of dairy: the richer the cream, the better. The Cold Pressery proves that old ideal wrong, and then some. The hot chocolate was delightful, but has a definitively non-traditional taste.  Organic cacao powder and almond milk serve as the base, sweetened with maple syrup. Next time, I will definitely try the vegan marshmallows and chocolate drizzle too. For a new take on a timeless classic, check out The Cold Pressery.

1. Dunk’n Dip

I remember the first time I ever tried a tasted a $4 hot chocolate. It was handed to me by my brother, in a rare moment of familial kindness that creates a lasting memory.  I ate the whipped cream with a spoon and drank every last bit with delight. If you are looking for a rekindling of that childlike experience, Dunk’n Dip is the place. They start with liquid chocolate taken from their fountains—your choice, white, milk or dark—and then add the milk. Although it took a bit longer to make than the other drinks on this list, it was well worth the wait. Dunk’n Dip is, hands down, the best spot in Mississauga to get a hot chocolate that rich, gourmet taste.

  1. Dunk ‘n Dip – City Centre
  2. The Cold Pressery
  3. Archtop Café & Music
  4. Richtree Natural Market Restaurant
  5. Fairgrounds Cafe
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