Top 5 Pizza Slices in Mississauga


Published November 18, 2014 at 3:25 am


There is nothing better than a good ol’ pizza slice when you’re hungry and Mississauga has some good options beyond the standard chain restaurants. You might have to drive a little further to get to these bad boys, but once you start chomping away on them it will all be worth it. The two things these places have in common is that their slices are absolutely delicious with that glossy grease film that any good pizza slice should have and they pretty much all come in the same brown paper bag  that says “The Hottest Slices.”

Here are the top 5 places to get pizza slices in Mississauga:

5 – San Francesco

Located in a plaza at Britannia and Creditview, San Francesco’s is one of the old school Italian joints in Mississauga. I remember them back when they used to be beside Mickey’s on Dundas back when I went to TLK. They believe that great tasting food begins with homemade, traditional cooking. The food is prepared fresh daily and the pizza dough is made from scratch on site every day. I was lucky, as the pizza slice looked like it was fresh out of the oven and the oil was sitting on top of the pepperoni. This slice was delicious and the bottom of the slice was golden brown and cooked to perfection.

Pepperoni slice index: $2.99

4 – Marconi Pizza

Nestled in a corner plaza at Cawthra and Burnhamthorpe, Marconi’s has been around for over 40 years. Everything from their fresh-from-the-butcher pepperoni, authentic mozzarella (with no substitute cheeses!), freshly sliced mushrooms (which have never seen the inside of a can), individually wrapped green peppers to their very own and very special pizza sauce is excellent. Their pizza slice is no different. You know how you go to your favourite pizza place and order a slice and it tastes totally different than what you usually get? Well, this slice tastes just as good as the pizza you would get should you order the whole thing. Get there before noon to get them right out of the oven!

Pepperoni slice index: $3.00 

3 – Luca Pizza

Luca Pizza is located just outside of the mall on Dixie and Bloor. This place is one of the original pizza places in Mississauga, having been around since 1975. They serve everything, including sandwiches, subs, salads, pasta, wings and, of course, calzone and pizza slices. Off Dixie, you can see a big electronic sign that says BIG SLICES and they aren’t kidding. This slice was the biggest out of the top five and definitely perfect for the hungry diner. 

Pepperoni slice index: $3.75

2 – Jopapas Pizza & Wings

Located on Truscott Drive in a plaza in Clarkson that I’m sure you’ve never heard of unless you live around there is place called Jopapas Pizza and Wings. As soon as I walked in, a nice kid who was very helpful told me a little about the place. It’s been around for five years. Some of the specials are very affordable, such as The Walk-In Special, which is an extra large pizza with one topping for $9.99. The slice was huge and very flavourful. You can really taste the attention to detail in their pizza sauce, which was the most flavourful out of the top five. This place was the only one to ask me if I wanted it medium or really hot out of the oven. They even have funnel cake!

Pepperoni slice index: $3.00

1 – Pomodoro Italian Kitchen

Located in a plaza on the corner of Matheson and HWY 10 is a hidden Italian restaurant called Pomodora. They serve everything from gourmet pasta to their Famous Pomodoro Pizza Slices. As you walk up to the counter, you are welcomed by a plethora of pizza slices behind a glass counter. They actually have over 15 types of slices to choose from. The day we were there they had 18 choices! They have everything from the original pepperoni to just cheese pizza to vegetarian and meat slices. All slices are the same price, so why not go for the one with more topping? These guys were the only ones that didn’t have the brown bag that said “The Hottest Slices”.

Pepperoni slice index: $4.29

  1. Pomodoro Italian Kitchen
  2. Jopapas Pizza and Wings
  3. Luca Pizza
  4. Marconi Pizza
  5. San Francesco – Britannia
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