Top 5 Parks to Play Manhunt or Hide n Seek

Published April 15, 2016 at 7:45 pm


You may have outgrown your favourite dinosaur sweater, but you are never too old to have fun! Remember the days you would spend chasing your friends around the park? Why not relive those memories by inviting them back together for a good ol’ game of manhunt (or even hide n’ seek)?

You say juvenile, I say nostalgic! Let your inner kid out to play once in a while.

Here are the best parks in the city to play!

5 – Credit Meadows Park:

Credit Meadows Park is split into two sides by the river that runs through it. This makes for a more interesting game: do you dare cross the river to tag your friend or let him or her get away?

4 – Wood Hurst Heights Park: 

Surrounded by suburban homes, Wood Hurst Heights Park is a hidden gem. The park includes trails, small wooded areas, a jungle gym, baseball diamond and even a pool. This park is perfect for when all 500 of your Facebook friends show up to play.

3 – Jack Darling Park: 

Back in the day, Jack Darling used to have a wooden jungle gym that was the best in the city. It had underground tunnels and trap doors, but, sadly, that glorious play place has been taken down. Don’t fear, however, as Jack Darling Park is still one of the prime spots in Mississauga to play manhunt or hide n’ seek. What better way to chase your friend than having a perfect view of the lake while you run?

2 – Pheasant Run: 

If you have older siblings who played soccer, you have most definitely run around this park. A few years ago, it was home to Pheasant Run Elementary school, but now it is an empty green space — making it the perfect place to play manhunt. It has a jungle gym, soccer fields and a small forest and tons of hiding holes.

1 – Erindale Park: 

The massive park that holds hundreds during the summer months is the perfect place to run around with your friends. With tons of trees and bushes to hide in, this is the best place to play manhunt and resurrect memories of your childhood.

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