Top 5 Onion Rings in Mississauga

The top five onion rings in Mississauga won't be found at big box restaurants, but rather truck stops and greasy spoons. These places will take the time to make them from scratch, batter and slather the hell out of them and throw them right into a fryer until they puff out to perfection and leave grease on your fingers.

Here are the top five places to get onion rings in Mississauga:

5 - Zet's Express

Just north of the OG Zet's is Zet's Express Premium Burgers on Derry Road. It's a really cozy joint that seats about 20. This place sells everything, including burgers, fish and chips, pulled pork, peameal bacon on a Kaiser, Souvlaki and, of course, onions rings. The onion rings were thrown into the fryer as soon as I ordered and they were huge and delicious.

How many rings in an order: 7
Notes: 24 hours, only cash

4 - Jag's Fish and Chips (CLOSED)

Located in a plaza at Battleford and Erin Mills Parkway is Jag's Fish and Chips. This place is tucked away in the corner, so it's a bit hard to find. Jag's uses the same batter that they use on their fish and chips and that batter is tasty. Cooked in the same fryer as the fish, it also has that extra taste to it. As soon as I ordered, the rings were thrown into the fryer and I could see the entire process unfold in front of me. These bad boys are the crispiest onion rings by far, so make sure you have a plate underneath them. For some strange reason I ordered the large and they came with enough rings to feed a small army!

How many rings in an order: Small 6, Large 12

3 - Master Steak

Master Steak is located just north of the 401 and is open 19 hours a day. I remember going there when I was younger and it looks almost identical today. This place is a meat lover's dream, as there is a butcher shop attached. Not only does this place have fresh steaks, they serve great onion rings. As soon as I ordered them they started cooking them right there and then. The batter was delicious and the crispiness was perfect.

How many rings in an order: 6

2 - C & Dubbs

On the east side of Dundas past Dixie is an old-school burger joint that has been around for about 36 years (although it's been occupying its current location for nine). C & Dubbs claim to fame was being in the Adam Sandler movie Billy Madison in the pickle-racing scene on the windowpanes. Their onion rings are made fresh every morning and are milk-battered to give them that extra taste and stick to the onion. Look at the size of these babies!

How many rings in an order: 6

1 - Fire Pit

These are the best tasting onion rings after a late night dance session spent pumping your fists in the air while listening to EDM at My Apartment (or anytime actually). Fire Pit is located in the hardest plaza to get into at HWY 10 and Britannia. When you walk in, two signs catch your eye. One says something like, "We don't own a microwave" and the second says, "Fries and onion rings are fresh made daily" -- and yes they are. The onion rings were absolutely delicious. The batter was thick and stuck to the onion like glue. It was very flavourful without being overpowering to the point that you can't taste the onion and the rings were HUGE!

How many rings in an order: 6

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