Top 5 New Restaurant Openings - November 2015

Here are the top new restaurant openings for the month of November 2015 based on the amount of page views on the first day the article got released:
5 - New Openings: Pizza Nostra

The Grande brothers, Andrea and Marco, were born into the food business working at their father’s butcher shop (Grande Meats in Toronto) at a young age and have collaborated to create their first 
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4 - New Openings: Carinderia

Carinderia is a new Filipino restaurant that specializes in authentic Filipino cuisine - a concept created by owner and local resident Dolly Flores.
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3 - New Openings: Heritage Fish & Chips

Heritage Fish & Chips has been serving British-style fish and chips for over three decades.
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2 - New Openings: Berto's Cuisine

There have been a handful of restaurants popping up in the city offering a fresh new take on the food I grew up with - Filipino cuisine. 
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1 - New Openings: Stir Kitchen & Beverage Co.

Stir Kitchen & Beverage Co. is a new restaurant located in a plaza along Hurontario St. just north of highway 403. 
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