Top 5 New Restaurant Openings in January 2016

Here are the top 5 most viewed new restaurant opening articles for the month of January 2016 in Mississauga. 5 - Chinese Dumpling House
Chinese Dumpling House recently took over Deluxe Noodle restaurant in the plaza on the corner of Creditview and Burnhamthorpe. Read more
  4 - Pepperwalk
Fusion restos have been the latest buzz in Mississauga, with a number of recent independent restaurants taking fusion to a new level. Read more

3 - JAM House Seafood Restaurant
JAM House Seafood Restaurant is another option available for late night eats and open daily until 2 am for late night diners and 3am on Saturday. Read more

2 - Flip a Coin

Flip A Coin restaurant recently opened in Port Credit and took over the space formerly known as Sassy Teas on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. W just east of Mississauga Rd. Read more

1 - Roman Zaman

Roman Zaman captivates you with an extra-sensory experience from the moment you step into the restaurant.
Read more

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