Top 5 New Openings of 2016 – Jan to Mar

Published March 24, 2016 at 2:43 am


2016 in Mississauga has been an exciting year in the restaurant scene as we have seen a lot of new places open up. Here are the most popular restaurant openings of 2016 based on page views on 

5 – Flip a Coin

(Asian Tapas)

Flip A Coin restaurant recently opened in Port Credit and took over the space formerly known as Sassy Teas on the south side of Lakeshore Rd. W just east of Mississauga Rd. The restaurant concept specializes in tapas and while tapas is not a unique concept in Mississauga, Flip A Coin’s concept is and focuses on Asian inspired tapas. Unique for: Asian inspired tapas. Signature Dish: The mini-flip is Flip’s signature beef slider using homemade patties with a secret ingredient (you can try to guess what it is for $1 off your meal), topped with kimchi and combined with house made teriyaki sauce served with house made crisp chips. Food Menu: The seasonal menu is MSG free and chef Sage creates house made sauces and accompaniments including black bean, chilli oil, avocado and spicy mayo, teriyaki, garlic chilli, soy bean crumbs and curry paste. There are currently 14 dishes dishes on the menu which include steamed black cod and bowl of joy. Both are prepared using the traditional Chinese method of steaming on a bamboo steamer. This technique keeps the food moist and infuses the flavour and aroma of the bamboo. “Our food is elegant, tapas style not traditional Chinese cuisine”, says chef Sage.  

4 – Marco Polo


Marco Polo Restobar is another new restaurant in the Clarkson neighbourhood – a welcome addition to the oldest community in Mississauga. The menu focuses on North American gastropub food with a Mediterranean twist. The plates are smaller which makes it ideal for sharing and getting a taste of what the creative and innovative menu has to offer. The menu includes a sharable section, big plates, greens and leafy things, in between the buns and grilled flatbreads. They even have a dish named after both Oliveira’s and Capin’s moms called Anna Maria. Other menu items include wings, layered nachos, piri piri shrimp tacos, charcuterie for two, mac & cheese, steak frites, porchetta burger and a variety of flatbreads.

3 – Old School Bar & Grill

Old School Bar & Grill is a new nostalgic sports themed bar located in the old legendary Club 108 unit along Dixie Road. Major sporting events (UFC, boxing, playoffs, etc.) will be played on the numerous televisions you’ll find throughout the resto.  Old School is more than just a sports bar – it’s an entertainment facility that offers a variety of activities including vintage pinball machines (Tales From The Crypt, Terminator 2), vintage arcade game console’s (Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Virtua Cop, NFL Blitz), two pool tables, board games, jitz table and a dart board. Additional game consoles will be made available as they are refurbished. Diners can also bring in their own board games and the wifi is free. Food Menu: The seasonal menu includes a number of freshly made salads, wings, appetizers, mains and desserts and the menu is free of anything frozen. 

2 – Roman Zaman

(Middle Eastern)

Roman Zaman captivates you with an extra-sensory experience from the moment you step into the restaurant. It wows you with the vibrant palate of colours and contrasting prints and materials and the Middle Eastern music that invites you into the space. Food Menu: The Damascene cuisine menu includes both traditional dishes and modern takes on Middle Eastern cuisine and includes a number of cold and hot starters such as yalanji (vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley, mint, olive oil, pomegranate molasses, tomato paste, onions, and crushed bell peppers), kibbehnayeh (raw meat dish includes habra meat, crushed bulgur wheat and spices), muhammara (mixture of breadcrumbs, pomegranate molasses, olive oil and walnuts) and chili potatoes (grilled potatoes, olive oil, garlic, parsley and coriander).You will also find soups, salads, shawarma platters, saj (middle eastern flatbrad) and sandwiches on the menu. The kibbeh section of the menu includes beef, potatoes or helah (fried or grilled). The grilled portion of the menu includes charcoal grilled skewers (beef and chicken) known as shish tawook and kebabs. Last but not least, there are four desserts on the menu, including knafeh (knafeh paste/rice flour paste, cheese, simple syrup, ghee and pistachios), rice pudding, muhalabiah (simple pudding made with milk, flavoured with mastic and garnished with pistachios and honey) and Roman Zaman fruit mix.

1 – Maharaja


The Maharaja is an incredibly stunning boutique restaurant inspired by the regal beauty of India’s diverse landscape of architecture and flavours. The concept offers a visual and culinary journey through three magnificent palaces of India and a menu featuring cuisine from four different regions in India.  The storybook menu is divided into four regional cuisines found in India which have been influenced by various ingredients and flavours of a variety of countries including Greece, West and Central Asia and Persia.  There are a number of shareable dishes and entrees highlighting the unique flavours of each region through Awadhi cuisine, classic Hyderabadi cuisine, Punjabi cuisine and Rajputana cuisine. The extensive menu caters to all palates and features distinct regional dishes presented on fine dishes such as copper bowls, slate boards, and copper table top grill. 


  1. The Maharaja
  2. Roman Zaman
  3. Old School Bar & Grill
  4. Marco Polo Restobar
  5. Ombretta Cucina and Vino
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