Top 5 New Openings in July 2015


Published August 1, 2015 at 3:14 pm


Here are the top 5 new restaurant openings for the month of July 2015 based on the amount of page views on the first day the article got released:

5 – New Opening: Mazaya Restaurant & Cafe

Mazaya Restaurant & Cafe is located in an international plaza full of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from Middle East to Chinese to Italian along Dixie Rd., north of Eglinton Ave.
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4 – New Openings: Szechuan Noodle Bowl

Szechuan Noodle Bowl specializes in authentic Sichuan cuisine including fresh hand-made noodles made twice daily for both the lunch and dinner crowd. 
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3 – New Openings: Sugar Marmalade

Sugar Marmalade is the first and only location in Mississauga that specializes in desserts from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
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2 – New Openings: Basil Box Square One

“Live, love, eat” is the foundation and key message of The Basil Box – a Canadian company (not affiliated with Basil Box in Seattle) opening their first location in Square One’s Food Central.
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  1. Jay's Sandwiches of the World (CLOSED)
  2. Basil Box - Square One
  3. Sugar Marmalade
  4. Szechuan Noodle Bowl
  5. Mazaya Restaurant & Cafe
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