Top 5 New Openings in April 2015


Here are the top 5 new restaurant openings for the month of April 2015 based on the amount of page views on the first day the article got released:

5 - New Openings: The Cold Pressery

Mississauga is losing its bedroom community label with locals spending more time in this city and especially because it has more to offer since there's been an abundance of new business openings ov
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4 - New Opening: i Love Pho

Chef Van Nguyen had been running a number of Vietnamese restaurant kitchens in the GTA for nearly twenty years and had come to a point in her career where she felt it was time to open up a place Read more

3 - 
New Openings: Spin Dessert Cafe & Bistro

The "opening soon" sign has been taken down and Spin Dessert Cafe & Bistro is finally open! The wait has been over a year and a half and the delay due to pending permits.
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2 - New Opening: Roti Vybz

It was all a dream fueled by passion for local entrepreneurs and business partners Adam Ifill and Adam Moore to open up a restaurant that honours their West Indian heritage.
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1 - New Openings: The Wingery

There are a lot of cuisines that are hugely under-serviced in a city of almost 800,000 and, believe it or not, Mississauga lacks standout chicken wing joints.
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