Top 5 Networking Events for Young Professionals in Mississauga

Published February 3, 2017 at 6:43 am


Networking is imperative to young professionals as it helps to build good relationships that may help you throughout your career. Beyond job prospects and recommendations, networking is helpful to understand the current landscape of the market and your industry, including new projects, trends, challenges, and ideas. The key to successful networking is being able to spot connection opportunities in others that you encounter.

As such, rather than speak and promote only of yourself, you should aim to ask questions and find out about others to see where the two of you can relate. A strong developed network is a constant widening circular motion: networking will open you to career and business opportunities which will lead you to networking with a wider circle of professionals, which in turn will present further opportunities.

Here are five networks for young professionals in Mississauga, in no particular order:

1) The Hip Häus

The Hip Häus hosts regular events for young professionals in Mississauga and Toronto. The events are open to all ages and all stages of one’s professional career – from in school or newly graduated to employed or business owner. Whether you are looking for a job or already in your dream position, these events will help you meet other professionals, share ideas, and propel your professional growth and development. The Hip Häus networking sessions welcome all types of industry professionals from musicians and entrepreneurs to doctors and lawyers. Events are often hosted in a bar/lounge or restaurant for a relaxed environment to meet new people. As a bonus, entrance to events is free and includes appetizers, giveaways, and photography.

Next event: February 15, 2017 at Bloke (401 King Street West in Toronto)

2) Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT) Next Generation (NGEN)

This series of networking sessions is aimed for young professionals under the age of 40. The meetings provide the opportunity to connect with established business professionals, community leaders, and entrepreneurs and make new relationships, share ideas, and ignite job prospects. It is also an excellent resource to develop the skills needed to succeed in the trade. Events include complimentary appetizers, refreshments, door prizes, and one alcoholic drink.

Tickets are $13.27 for MBOT members and $17.70 for non-members.

Next event: February 16, 2017 at STIR Kitchen & Beverage Co. (101-10 Kingsbridge Garden Circle in Mississauga)

3) Young Professionals Development Network (YPDN)

YPDN is run by young professionals who understand the needs and value of networking events specifically designed for young persons. YPDN strives to put together events that will advance the careers of their members and provide value to the Toronto community. This is a group of young people that have ambition, determination and drive for career progression, networking, community involvement, and self-education. Aside from networking events, membership also includes a speaker series of events and educational seminars, along with community and charity involvement opportunities.

Next event: TBD; stay tuned on their website or social media feeds

4) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Young Professionals

IEEE is the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology. Its Young Professional community brings networking events, workshops, and seminars to new graduates and early-career professionals throughout the GTA. The events are excellent for networking with peers and professionals in the industry, and gaining professional and technical resources. IEEE also strives to develop well-rounded young professionals and as such put on workshops that develop skill areas beyond engineering such as: business, finance, law, media, and marketing.

Next event: TBD; stay tuned on their websites or social media feeds

Next conference: 2017 IEEE International Humanitarian Technology Conference, July 20-22, 2017 at Ryerson University (245 Church Street in Toronto)

5) West End Young Professionals Meetup

This group of 1300+ young professionals was built organically on the popular networking site: The monthly events are held in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and Burlington and cater to those aged 20-45. Events include networking over a drink at a pub or over a meal at a restaurant, and activities like bowling or pool. This meet up group ensures high standards are kept by having a three-strike no show policy. The meet ups invite a smaller more intimate group of typically 10-20 young professionals allowing for more time to connect to each other.

Next event: February 26, 2017 at Classic Bowl (3055 Dundas Street West in Mississauga)

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