Top 5 Most Popular Dishes in Mississauga – July 2016


Published July 23, 2016 at 2:47 am


At insauga, we are constantly eating (as if you didn’t already know that!). Because of that, we’re always on the lookout for the best new dishes in Mississauga. 

Here are the most popular dishes in Mississauga this month:

5 – Lobster boiled in garlic butter in a bag

Place: LA Boil

The build-your-own 3.1 step menu is priced by the pound. The first step includes choosing your seafood which includes king crab legs, Dungeness crab, lobster, snow crab legs, crawfish, mussels, clams and shrimp. Step two is to pick your flavour which includes Cajun, lemon pepper, garlic butter, curry and L.A.Boil (mix of Cajun, lemon pepper and garlic butter). The third step involves choosing your spice level (non-spicy, mild, medium or crazy fire). Step 3.1 is an optional step where you can select side dishes that include sausage, corn on the cob, potato, okra, zucchini, lotus root, sliced chicken and mushroom.

4 – Butter Chicken Poutine

Place: Desi Bar and Grill

Desi Bar and Grill is a modern-casual Indian restaurant known for its curries, dosas and a few Indian fusion dishes. Desi Bar’s butter chicken poutine is fusion at its best. The slightly coated fries were extremely crispy and retained their crunch for some time despite the blanket of butter chicken sauce.  I believe the cheese was either a mozzarella or shredded paneer which worked, I just wish there was more of it, and the chicken pieces were tender and full of flavour.

3 – Thai Ice Cream Rolls – Avocado and dried coconut with taro

Place: Wow Wow Yum Yum

Wow Wow Yum Yum is not only Mississauga’s first Thai ice cream roll shop but it’s also the first in the GTA and possibly Canada (there are only two other ice cream roll shops known in Canada – one is in Montreal and the other in Toronto) where you can try this delicious hand-made ice cream. It’s literally made by hand! I tried the avocado and dried coconut with taro (Asian root vegetable that has a sweet and nutty taste) ice cream roll with a freshly made bubble waffle (popular spherical waffle from Hong Kong). The taste is reminiscent of a Filipino version of a frozen dessert called buko ice candy which is made with similar ingredients including condensed milk and packaged like a freezie or India’s version of a popsicle called kulfi, also made with similar ingredients sometimes with added nuts and spiced with cardamom.


2 – Chicken Chimichanga

Place: El Jefe

One of Mississauga’s most highly anticipated restaurants has opened this week! It’s one of only three full-service Mexican restaurants in Mississauga and it’s called El Jefe, which translates to “the boss” or “the chief” in Spanish. The menu as described by Pablo as having many layers to it. For example the chicken chimichanga is “sweet, spicy and crunchy. It has a three-pepper roasted tomatillo (Mexican green tomato) that is seared off with olive oil and spices mixed with roasted garlic, roasted poblano and chipotle peppers that are pureed down to serve as the base of the dish. It is stuffed with seared chicken breast, spinach, roasted corn and cheese, deep fried and covered in a mango Pico de Gallo,” says Pablo. The menu also features table-side made guacamole and house-made flour tortillas, sauces and salsas. Pablo has incorporated three main cheeses throughout the menu, including Mexican queso fresco, Spanish manchego and American Monterey jack cheeses. The diverse, mouth-watering menu includes dishes such as ceviche, Corona-battered blooming onions, taquitos, baked empanadas, seven different tacos (chicken, fish, steak, calamari and more), burritos, carnitas, a signature beavertail taco and a classic Mexican sweet favourite – churros. 

1 – Poke Bowl and Sushi Burrito

Place: Corner

Poke bowls and the sushi burrito are the latest food sensation taking the spotlight around the globe and you can get both of them at the same place! Pronounced poh-keh (not poke-ee or poke) is a healthy and protein-rich dish ubiquitous in the Hawaiian food scene that can be found anywhere from the corner store to restaurants.   Imagine for a moment your favourite sushi roll on steroids – one that’s about four times bigger than the average sushi roll on offer at a typical Japanese restaurant. What you’ve just pictured is called a “sushi burrito” and it’s the latest craze in food fusion trends.

  1. Corner by Spoon & Fork
  2. El Jefe
  3. Wow Wow Yum Yum
  4. Desi Bar & Grill
  5. Watan Kabob – Dundas and Winston Churchill
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