Top 5 Most Fabulous Restaurants in Brampton

Published August 23, 2018 at 7:19 pm

There are restaurants that you might forget about in a few years, and then there are those that make you feel so fancy you’ll remember them for your entire life.

If you’re looking for a trendy, stunning spot with incredible service and fancy shmancy meals, you should definitely check out one of the most fabulous restaurants in Brampton.

Each of these restos is over-the-top awesome for something, perfect for a date or a special occassion. Be prepared to dress up and be treated like the royalty you are!

Here are the Top 5 most fabulous restaurants in Brampton.

5) Mayura

Classy, classy, classy – you’ll want to dress up a little bit if you’re heading over to Mayura on Hurontario and Ray Lawson, or you might not fit in! Acclaimed chef Ranveer Brar’s fine dining restaurant is ideal for a date night or a family get together, offering ambiance and a menu that includes both traditional Indian and fusion fare. Their servers are dressed and trained to the nines, and they serve with gloved hands so you know it’s really fabulous. Let’s talk food! Their salmon tikka was extremely flavourful, as was their chutney. I also tried the Dum Murgh, a chicken curry flavoured with yogurt, cashews, and saffron, which was delicious. Their biryani is definitely a menu highlight, as well as their desserts – gulab jamun cheesecake, and Kalakand tart with paan ice cream. That’s right, paan ice cream! Basically it tastes like leaves and roses which might sound weird but it’s delicious. Mayura is a fine dining restaurant, meaning that though the food is good, it’s going to do some damage to your wallet – two can dine comfortably (apps, entrees, dessert, maybe even drinks) for well upwards of $60 plus tax. With some Bollywood instrumentals in the background while you eat, it’s a fabulous resto!

4) J. Red & Co

This is definitely one of the most modern restaurants in Brampton, from the atmosphere to the innovative menu, making it also one of the most fabulous. Located on Vodden and Main is one of Brampton’s gems. Chef Jason Rosso is the mastermind behind the menu and if his name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because he has appeared on such TV shows as Restaurant Makeover, Recipe to Riches and the Marilyn Dennis Show. That could be why this place is so fabulous – he is known for offering familiar food with a twist and the menu does not disappoint. What’s better than going out on a date and experimenting with a new style of food you have never tried before? You can try things like smoked cheddar mac ‘n cheese, egg rolls and crispy fried cauliflower ‘wings.’ Our favourite is the Bob and Doug burger.

3) Aria

Located just south of Bovaird on Main is one of the finer dining restaurants in Brampton called Aria. Aria is situated in the beautiful historic house of Walter E. Calvert. This place is a lot bigger than you think, as it boasts six private dining rooms and the main dining room seats about 30 people. This is definitely an occasion date night restaurant, as the service is absolutely impeccable – it is truly fabuloous. You will be waited on by no less than three people throughout your meal. The service also comes with a warm, personal touch – you’ll definitely be greeted with a smile when you walk in and a genuine thank you when you leave. The menu has everything from seafood to steaks to Australian lamb chops to an escargot app (as you can see below). You will not be disappointed on your journey for fabulousness, and feel like royalty here.

2) Antica Osteria

If you’re looking to enjoy a romantic date or a sophisticated dinner, Antica mixes trendiness with classiness and quality food with incredible ambiance and service. This Mayfield Road restaurant pairs warmth and sophistication, wowing guests with a classic wine bar and comforting earthy tones. While a great deal of attention has been paid to the setting, the restaurant is better known for serving fine Italian fare. The resto’s website calls attention to the fact that the establishment occupies “one of the most prestigious indoor spaces in Snelgrove” and the enriching ambiance is apparent as soon as you walk in the door. This restaurant is ideal for a special occasion and the menu doesn’t disappoint, offering such classics as Gnocchi con Pera e Gorgonzola, Penne alla Vodka, lamb and more. If you want to be wowed, try the homemade gnocchi or any of the tender, succulent veal dishes available on the menu. This place’s interior is featured in our cover shot, courtesy of Wil Yeung Photography.

1) Terrace on the Green

If you travel to one of Brampton’s most sophisticated and serene restaurants, you’ll get to pair exquisite scenery with a classic dishes. Terrace on the Green, a spacious fine-dining establishment that doubles as a wedding and special occasion venue, offers great ambiance and a classic menu full of tried and true favourites, including a roasted Chilean sea bass with risotto and a very fresh slaw. Although the risotto is somewhat average, the Chilean sea bass is anything but. The dish boasts soft, tender white fish with a crispy, golden top that’s perfectly seasoned. The fish is neither chewy nor dry and the lightly fried surface adds a delectable bit of crunch to an otherwise delicate item. The rest of the menu is full of fine dining classics, so it won’t disappoint anyone looking for a traditional dinner. The steak is another highlight on the menu – it’s elegant, and served beautifully, topped with mushrooms and served with a flavourful sauce. Talk about fancy.

  1. Terrace on the Green
  2. Antica Osteria
  3. Aria Bistro and Lounge
  4. J. Red & Co
  5. Mayura (CLOSED)
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