Top 5 Make-Out Spots in Mississauga


Published July 29, 2015 at 6:48 pm


Kissing in public — seriously kissing, not just pecking affectionately while standing at a crosswalk — is, in some circles, frowned upon. It’s crass, “they” say. It’s disrespectful to children, grandparents, single people, married people, young people, old people and the earth in general.

While it might seem like everyone loves to hate on PDA’s, people still indulge when the mood hits and good on ‘em — there’s so little love in this world. As long as you stick to kissing and don’t full on bang against a tree during a chaste family picnic (do so at your own risk, if you must), kissing with the sun against your face and the wind against your back is youthful, freeing and fun.

So, without further ado, here are the top five public (yes, public) make-out spots in Mississauga.

5) Queen Elizabeth Jubilee II Garden

The quiet and picturesque Queen Elizabeth Jubilee II Garden, situated at City Hall off of Living Arts Drive, is the perfect spot for an impromptu make-out session. It’s a cozy space with cute benches, luscious greenery, immaculate landscaping and it’s completely surrounded by a concrete jungle — making it a very accessible little retreat from the city. When dusk hits, grab your partner (or a random partner, if you’re into that) and kiss like teenagers (especially if you aren’t one anymore) while admiring the elegant garden oasis. Fun fact: The garden was chosen as one of our Top 5 Wedding Picture spots, so you might end up marrying your beloved in that very same garden. Make memories early.

4) Celebration Square on Movie Night

If movies and crowds get you going, this is the perfect spot to kiss wildly and passionately for two or more hours. Celebration Square’s movie night starts on May 26, 2016. “Do you want to watch a movie?” is often shorthand for “do you want to make-out/enjoy a long and rigorous session of sensual lovemaking?,” so bring your date to a Back to the Future screening to enjoy some fresh air, nostalgia and your baby soft lips. In fact, I went to the BTTF showing a few weeks back and saw a couple kissing (just kissing) in a bed — a BED! There was an air mattress, blankets (maybe even a fitted sheet, but I couldn’t get close enough to tell) and pillows. So, you won’t be alone if you want to get a little frisky (but keep it PG-13) to Gremlins or Frozen.

3) Port Credit Pier

If you really want to impress someone, take him or her for a scenic late night walk down the serene Port Credit Pier at Lakeshore and Stavebank Rd. This spot is especially perfect for a hot night (kind of like the incredible ones we’ve been having lately) because the breeze from the water will cool your perspiring skin as you hold each other close and press your bodies together frantically like the randy lovebirds you are. Also, it’ll be dark enough that fellow wanderers won’t be able to see your erection — bonus! 

2) The Waterfront Trail

The Waterfront Trail — a Lake Ontario trail that spans 740 km — runs through Mississauga from Winston Churchill Blvd. to Marie Curtis Park. It’ll take you to all the major lakefront parks and waterside historical properties that give the city colour and character. If the feel of a hard bicycle seat pressing into your nether regions gets you hot and bothered, head out on a Sunday ride with your beloved. Pack an adorable picnic with some fruit and aromatic soft cheeses and ride slowly and leisurely, being careful not to work up too strong a sweat. Dismount your love cycles at Jack Darling Memorial Park or the Rhododendron Gardens, put down a blanket and share some strawberries before getting down to business under the shade of a weeping willow.

1)    Adamson Estate

Adamson Estate was another wedding picture pick and for good reason — it’s scenic, historical, grand and unusual. The estate, located at 850 Enola Avenue, is a 13.33 acre waterfront park with public gardens and a private but stunning (it belongs to the Cawthra-Adamson Division of the Royal Conservatory of Music) main house. If you head over in the evening, you might have the picturesque property all to yourself. Sit on the soft and well-manicured grass and pretend you’re vacationing in old Europe as you cuddle close and kiss under the sunset. If you’re alone, play an airy and romantic Spotify playlist on your phone and make-out to the sweet sounds of an Indie Love Affair (my favourite slow jam collection at the moment). You can also make-out to Usher if that’s your jam, but remember that you’re being generic. 

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